In search for the best Cua Pao

Cua pao is an open faced siopao with pork belly, preserved green mustard vegtable and sweet ground peanuts as filling. I don’t know where cua pao came from because I haven’t seen it in Hong Kong, China or Singapore. Maybe it’s a Filipino invention?

Finding good cua pao is even harder than finding good siopao. Often the siopao dough is too thick and hard, the meat too fatty or dry. I got a tip that I can find the best cua pao in Mey-lin’s restaurant in SM Megamall. So off I go again.

I got to the restaurant and I thought, “this is it?” The interiors look dated and didn’t look like the home to the best kua pao since their specialty was hot pot and noodles. I ordered 4 cua pao w/ pata to go (if you order cua pao only you will get an empty siopao).

“What? This is what I get for P75? A thin roll of kua pao wrapped in plastic.”

I took one bite and got weak in the knees. OMG! The dough was thin, the meat was tender and juicy. The sauce was sweet and spicy. I hardly noticed the vegetables (that’s a good thing). What a perfect blend of all the ingredients! I actually polished off one while waiting for the elevator. All I can say go run to SM Megamall and get yourself a couple of cua pao. The search is over. (note: don’t trust the picture in this case – it’s tastes way better than it looks)

Mey-Lin’s Pot and Noodle House
SM Megamall
4/f Building A
telephone: 634-1261



  • Leslie

    I will add this to my “must eats” for Manila.s Since you always greet me with snacks in the car when you pick me upsfrom the airport,s one of these would do :)s In your words, ‘sayang oras’ right?

  • Leslie

    thanks for the info! mother also informed me after i posted this.

  • Leslie

    I like lumpia and I loooooooove pata tim and cuapao. i’m available anytime!! :*

  • irish

    where could i buy cua pao?

  • u8mypinkcookies

    i love meylin’s noodle soup 

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