Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Tour Part 2

After lunch we proceeded to the Grove vineyard. In this vineyard we tasted liqueurs and port. This was our favorite in the whole tour. They timed this visit very well because the tastings of the liqueurs served as our dessert after lunch.

I guess the distillery is part of the vineyard? We didn’t see any wines. Maybe it’s in another area.

their resident ‘faux’ alligator

assorted vodkas

We loved all the liqueurs because most of them were served with double cream and it tasted more like dessert than alcohol. They did warn us that the alcohol content was higher than wine so were limited to 5 tastings and had to drink water after each tasting. I think that was just a ploy to rinse our glasses so it can be used again 😛
frozen raspberry liqueur

This white chocolate liqueur had a butterscotch taste and was totally yummy!

Here Silvano is topping the white chocolate liqueur with double cream.

Young Steve is the other reason we loved this place. He was hilarious. I kept taking pictures while he was talking so he kept giving me the EYE. At one point he even called me a tourist/terrorist.
He even put this closed sign in front of me! Even though I was treated that way we ended up buying several bottles of liqueurs. This is the only stop where we bought something.

types of liqueurs
We needed to let the alcohol go through our system so they gave us a break and brought us to the Margaret River Dairy Co. for cheese and yogurt tasting.
These cheeses and yogurt are commonly available in Coles and other food establishments. We didn’t buy any cheese here because we still had a lot from the other cheese store we went to.
After the cheese we went to the Margaret River Chocolate Company. We were excited to try the chocolates. So it was a letdown to see three big bowls of white, milk and dark chocolate chips as the only tasting. I bought a bar of dark chocolate orange. I haven’t opened it yet so I can’t report on what it tastes like.

Come back tomorrow for the last part of the Bushtucker Winery tour.

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  • Ha – why am I not surprised that this was your favorite stop?  Liqueurs and vodka are just right up your alley.  Did you just treat each tasting as a shot?  Last year it was the Princess bartenders, this year si “Little Steve” naman ang pushers mo.

  • felina

    is grove vineyard worth going ? I dont really fancy wine…prefer those sweeter ones…haha

  • I prefer sweeter wines too!

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