• http://www.blogger.com/profile/16821310226160788616 Leslie

    those are good les , a friend brought some over and i used it for my daughter’s international food sharing , it was a great hit with the kids .

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16821310226160788616 Leslie

    i like.  remind me to buy some, ok?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16821310226160788616 Leslie

    What a lovely photo!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16821310226160788616 Leslie

    Thanks a lot Ninette!!!

  • jay

    those banana chips are repacked. i think they call the kind of banana used as saba and not sana

  • Rhubz

    Hello, How ca I orde from the States>

  • shootfirsteatlater

    Hi Rhubz,
    Try to ask here http://www.michellesputongube.com/contactus.html. Thanks!

  • Ditz/ Tokyo

    There are so many banana chips everywhere but Michelles Golden Banana is the best and yummmy!!!

  • Ogichan_myla

    i buy some product of michelles putong ube,ube halaya,peanuts adobo and golden sana banana chips for “omiyage” or pasalubong here in japan for my family and friends…how fantastic they loved it very much,it’s so delicious great taste and yummy…..sugui oishii desu…thank you so much and keep up the good taste……mika

  • Anonymous

    I am looking for this banana chips for the last 5 days. I can not find it in my area. I’ll try my luck tomorrow at SM The Block. This product is worth recommending!

  • Sheena_venice

    I went to pacific Supermarket yesterday and grab 1 bag of Michelle’s Homemade Golden Sana Banana Chips…
    im on my way going home and start to open my Banana chips and start munching it…
    the taste is soo different. so crispy, unlike the other banana chips that i ever ate before.
    this one is so different, i like the taste mild sweet and crispy. it allows you to have as many or as few tasty bites as you wish! you will certainly want more than one! Guaranteed! i love it!

  • Lynjohnston

    i bought some banana chips at island pacific union city, now im back to texas and want some more! i guess i just have to ask my sister to send me more:) love those chips!!!!

  • hess1912

    I enjoyed Michelle’s sana banana chips which I bought from Las Vegas of all places. I would like to buy moreee but none close by where I live. I live in New Jersey so can you advice the nearest place where I can purchase more banana chips. Thank you.   Hess

  • http://www.facebook.com/pam.harlow Pam Barnes Harlow

    I found these banana chips in an oriental grocery in Radcliff Kentucky today. I LOVE them!! Delicious!! I will definitely be buying more. I hope they will still carry them. Thanks!!

    • Tina

      You actually found Michelle’s banana chips in Kentucky? Can you please give me the name of the store and the location? Thank you.

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    It’s amazing that they sell it in Kentucky! You better stock up! :D

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