Dinner at Annapolis Seafood Palace

Last month we celebrated my cousin Stanley’s birthday at Annapolis Seafood Palace. He lives in Texas but he happened to be in the Philippines when his 50th birthday came up. It had to be a big celebration for such a milestone.

Annapolis Seafood Palace is located in Annapolis St. in Greenhills. It’s on the same street as Choi Garden, just a stone’s throw away. But we hardly eat there since we’re die hard fans of Choi. I was excited to try another Chinese restaurant.


We sat in a private room that’s been recently renovated.

XS batch ’76

I don’t know the exact names of the dishes so I’ll just take a guess. The meal started with noodles for long life which is a Chinese tradition. The noodles were thick and similar to Japanese udon. It was a delicious alternative to the usual misua or pancit.

Japanese noodles

assorted cold cuts


I don’t eat eel but I tried this and it was fabulous. Grilling a fine and delicate fish such as eel produced a contrast in taste and texture. There was sauce on the side but I preferred it dry so I can taste the burnt bits and the soft flesh inside. I also loved the fried golden mushrooms. It was a little bit crunchy and chewy.

grilled eel on fried golden mushroom

double boiled chicken soup

prawn ball wrapped w/ abalone & asparagus

steamed lapu lapu

The pigeon at Choi Garden was much, much better.

fried pigeon

crab w/ glutinous rice


This was the first time I’ve tried chilled mango soup with almond jelly cubes. Normally they just put sago in the mango soup. The problem was the mango totally overpowered the almond jelly. You don’t taste the flavor of almond at all. I’m sorry but almond and mango don’t go well together.

mango soup w/ almond gelatin

I bought this mango shortcake at S & R for Stanley’s birthday cake. It was surprisingly good. The cake layers were soft, the mangoes sweet and there was lots of whipped cream. How can you go wrong with that?

mango shortcake
Overall I was very pleased with the food. They were very creative with some of the dishes and all were very well cooked. I would definitely go back there.

Annapolis Seafood Palace (now called UNO restaurant)
43 Annapolis St.,
Greenhills, San Juan
telephone: 724-6192



  • The Eel and Lapu-Lapu looked wonderful!  And the Mango shortcake looked really well thought out!  The prawns looked great too!  I have never had a better on than in the Philippines! The pigeon looked interesting too!   Congrats to Cousin Stanley!  Looks like he really hit the jackpot on that one!  Yep, I am up and posting again-Let this be an admonation to not overload your desktop with various icons else your computer performance will be inhibited 🙂   Happy 50th BDay Cuz Stanley!  Looks like a great bash!  Maybe he could share about some of the tex-mex foods there?

  • Welcome back Beau!

  • i love annapolis seafood! love it so much that we’re actually having our big day reception there next yr 🙂

  • Wow congrats! You must be busy planning for the big day.

  • sobra!!! we stopped for a while eh (after the ghost month) and we’re resuming palang now grabe! lots of things to do pa :-/

  • Thanks for the tip.  Will definitely try it one day.  Hopefully soon.  🙂 am back!!!

  • foodie

    you should try the lamb here, comes with small buns. its very good.

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