Manila in the 60s

I received these colored pictures of Manila in the 60s through email. Everything looked so clean then. The streets weren’t clogged with traffic, the city wasn’t over populated and it was safe to walk anywhere.

Pasig river

Dewey Boulevard (now Roxas Blvd)

Avenida Rizal

Ayala Avenue in Makati



  • Leslie

    I really enjoyed looking at these pics. Manila was a cool place then!!
    It looks to have so much promise !!

  • Queenjane

    wow, manila was so nice then. much, much cleaner… thanks for sharing the photos Les…

  • bea

    the shot with the river view<<< try going to dagupan, pangasinan for a look-alike

  • eric


  • eric


  • Cecille

    Some of the places are vaguely recognizable. Manila has really changed so much over the years. 

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