• toymastah

    Looks good to eat! Do we need to wait long to be seated?  

  • shootfirsteatlater

    I suggest you go early. Around 11 am? Today, Sunday is the first day open to the public.

  • tomylord

    will have to try this restaurant…do they take reservations?

  • shootfirsteatlater

    I guess so… try calling them :)

  • Kathleen

    looks yummy!  Can’t wait to try the food. 

  • Jeremiah Genetia Furaque

    maa’m kat, bkit po kmi sa bar wlng pics.. hehe

  • Erin

    Wahhh… looks so good.  I would’ve loved to eat the taro!

  • shelly

    di ako nakaextra..wew..
    punta na kayo jan :)

  • Kathleen

    I super got tricked by all the nice photos and press releases I saw on facebook and pdi. The things that we ordered were just okay. Nothing great. The xiao long bao, which is supposedly their specialty was completely tasteless. I think they should spend more on developing the quality of their food than on marketing. I definitely would not eat here again.

  • shootfirsteatlater

    Sorry you had a bad experience Kathleen. Out of the 5 times I’ve eaten at Lugang only once was the xiao long bao lacking in taste. Otherwise they were always excellent. I also liked 3-4 dishes more than the others which were just ok.

  • Howard Tan

    Haven’t tried here but I’m excited to bring my family!  From the comments above, I think the reason why the Xia Long Bao lacks in taste is because the chinese taste buds are different from the pinoys.  Pinoys love malasa stuff right? =) It’s probably meant to be that way?

  • lu

    just go to shi lin….. lugang is over priced over hyped

  • browneyedgirl

    have to agree…  the dishes are ok but not worthy of all the hype (and the long lines!!!).  i do love the beef with chinese crullers and the peanut smoothie, though. 

  • www.ifoodtrip.com

    overhyped? maybe and that is a matter a taste, but to say this is overpriced? give me a break.

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