• La

    My favorite “Shoot First” blog post so far :). It’s like being there – and you did not forget about the wine this time :D

  • ray

    do I need a reservation if a want to experince “mama’s table?”

  • shootfirsteatlater

    Yes Ray you need to contact the chef. She accepts a minumum of 7 people for a meal at her house. It may be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • ralph

    we enjoyed your deliously home cooked w love 8 course dinner… lami-ah gyud!!! 

  • vicky tinio clemente

    Hi Leslie: Thanks for your beautiful photos. They showcased my simple food and my grandma’s lovely china! I have taken your advice and will now serve the beignet with hazelnut choco sauce on the side for those chocoholics in the group! Although I have now changed some items in my menu and serve a couple of different desserts. Summer is coming and new crops are in the market. Call when you are up in Baguio again. Correction, my minimum number is 6 although 7 would be better. haha. Thanks again and take care. Vicky

  • shootfirsteatlater

    Hi Vicky! I’d love to try your new menu and the beignets with chocolate sauce! Hope to go to Baguio again soon.

  • joseph d. lansang

    Hello Leslie… count me in as a favorite “Shoot First” blog post. As a baguio boy i would love to experience VTC’s cooking someday with close friends and family. Love your food blog. All the best! joe :)

  • shootfirsteatlater

    Thanks a lot Joe! You really have to try Vicky’s creations soon. 

  • Joe

    Hello Leslie… enjoying your blog still. Hope to visit Thailand someday. But could not help sharing this article by Adam Platt on New York Magazine dated 5/3011. How i wish i could join you in one of these outings. In my dreams….hehe! Kindly share it with Jin & Franny Wanny. Cheers!

    Adam Platt on One of the Last Meals at El Bulli — New York Magazine

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    Thanks Joe! I’ll look up that article and share it with them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roferino Rosalina Ferrer Inocencio

    hi ms. vicky! was it Php1,350. pax? thanks. love ur blog.

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    yes plus 10% service charge. Thanks!!

  • http://runningpinoy.wordpress.com/ dhenztm

    This post is mouth-watering, literally!

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    thanks! it was really a delicious meal!

  • http://www.lynne-enroute.com/ Ray for En Route

    I can’t remember how I stumbled here, but the pics are fantastic! Will keep this in mind when we head to Baguio (Whenever that is).

    And oh, we are fans of Riesling wine :D Even the Hardy’s Riesling normally found in the grocery for PHP 350.00 has been a party staple. Check it out if you can :)

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    thanks Ray! I’ll check that out.

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