• frannywanny

    ohhhh ye dang is the best!!! :)

  • anonymous

    ye dang is ok. not the greatest. given tons of other just as authentic korean resturants out there one should keep one’s options more open to “bests”

  • shootfirsteatlater

    I agree! Any suggestions to other Korean restaurants I can try? So far I’ve tried about 5 in Manila and so far I’ve liked Ye Dang the best.

  • anonymous

    there are several alone in the makati ave area. unammed places in alleys; or maybe i just couldn’t understand the signboards. one such place you enter the street where there’s a wendy’s at the corner and should be on the left side

  • http://www.facebook.com/joie26 Joie Cadsap

    My friends and I tried this restaurant last dec when we went to baguio and I agree with you. Flies is everywhere and the lady owner, she gave a complimentary fruit (suha) to all her korean customer while she really ignore us. We’re the only pinay customer at that time and and we’re so disappointed.

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