• Betty

    Leslie, your cousin is such a great cook.  Wonder if she ever made biscuits and cornbread?  In Hawaii  we like the moist and kind of sweet type of cornbread not the one serve in the mainland.  There a bakery owned by Filipino called Kamahameha Bakery on School St. in Honolulu and they make sweet cornbread.

  • http://www.shootfirsteatlater.com/ Shoot First, Eat Later

    she made ham and cheese scones last Thanksgiving which tasted more like biscuits. I loved it!!!

  • http://howtocooklamb.info/ How To Cook Lamb

    Thanks for sharing this recipes .. I want to try it also :D

  • http://howtocooklamb.info/ how to cook lamb

    anything with lamb is a very precious find for me. A new recipe to try for a gastronomic indulgence.with so much thanks for the share.

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