HK: Tung Po Restaurant

One of the restaurants I wanted to try in Hong Kong is Tung Po in North Point because it was featured by Anthony Bourdain in his show No Reservations (video link). It's a Dai Pai Dong (street food) style of restaurant located inside Java Road Municipal Services Building. ... [Read More]

What’s New at Linguini Fini?

When was the last time you ate at Linguini Fini in SM Mega Fashion Hall? Regrettably my last time was a year ago. Even though it was a long time ago their Pizza Bianco is always in my thoughts. A few weeks ago I was invited to try their new dishes. After seeing this post I bet you'll be going to ... [Read More]

Ogawa Japanese Restaurant

Ogawa is a new Japanese restaurant in BGC and I was lucky to have been invited to the pre-opening dinner and I've been back another time. Check out what I've tried and liked. ... [Read More]

Birthday Dinner at Tapenade

My friend Deb brought me to Tapenade at the new Discovery Primea last August although she had second and third thoughts. She didn't want me to blog about it for fear that it would be hard to get a reservation after more people discover the food. After eating there I knew what she meant. ... [Read More]

The Halal Guys is open in Manila!

Who doesn't know about the Halal Guys Cart on 53rd and 6th in New York? It's a must visit for anyone going to the city. There are so many copycats but there's only one food truck with long lines that only end in the early morning. You can just imagine the anticipation of Filipinos when it was ... [Read More]

Halloween With JCO Donuts

#HalloweenWithJCO is a real treat  Halloween is just a few weeks away, and as gloomy as the holiday may seem, J CO gives us two reasons to celebrate.  As dark and strong as the iconic vampire, Nutty Dracula Donutis rich with peanut butter on the inside and garnished with dark ... [Read More]

Segovia’s Cakes & Recipes

If it weren't for my friend Arlene I wouldn't have known about this neighborhood  gem. If you study in Xavier or ICA most likely you've eaten at Segovia's Cakes & Recipes a time or two. But it's been eons since I graduated from ICA so thank you Arlene for sending me those mamons.  ... [Read More]

The Beef at Hole in the Wall

I'm always searching for good burgers in Manila.  The search is over for now. ... [Read More]

Hanamaruken Ramen Trinoma

I've said it before I'm not a big fan of ramen. But one Sunday we found ourselves in Trinoma waiting for a table at Hanamaruken Ramen. Shockingly I left the restaurant raving about the food to my friends insisting that they had to try the food ASAP.  ... [Read More]

Maria Luisa’s Garden Room

A couple of years ago anyone can eat at Maria Luisa's Garden Room. I don't know exactly why they changed the rules but now you have to be a member of Makati Garden Club to dine there. Thankfully one of my friends was related to a member so we were able to eat there. If I lived in Makati I would ... [Read More]