Sausages, Taxis and A Last Look at Bangkok

This is my last post on Bangkok. Sausages and taxis? What does one have to do with the other? Read on.Every night the sidewalks in the Ratchadamri and Ratchaprasong area, where a lot of the malls are, turn into markets. Clothes, food, drinks, toys and other knick knacks line the sidewalks.Each time ... [Read More]

McDonald’s Bangkok

It was late and we just finished our last massage at Mr. Feet. We were tired but we were hungry. Since we had to pass by McDonald's on the way back to our hotel and it was the only restaurant open we decided to eat our last dinner in Bangkok there. In Bangkok the background of the signage is black. ... [Read More]

Dessert & Fruits at Central World Mall

We deserved good dessert after our disappointing lunch at Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cuisine. We walked to the other side of the mall and saw several restaurants we could have eaten at instead. There were even several eat-all-you-can restaurants that offered international food or steaks or Japanese ... [Read More]

Lunch at Phan-Khom Contemporary Thai Cusine

We devoted our second to the last day in Bangkok to shopping in Central World mall. After an hour or two of window shopping we headed to the top floor of the mall in search for food. There were several restaurants but we chose Phan-Khom because of some interesting food items we saw on the menu. ... [Read More]

Dinner at Best Seafood Restaurant

Our friend Sonia recommended the restaurant that her boss owns. With a name like Best Seafood Restaurant I had high expectations. The restaurant was within walking distance from Mr. Feet and very near all the big malls like Central World and Gaysorn.outdoor seatingThe interiors of the restaurant ... [Read More]

Lunch at Chatuchak Market

Our dinner at Baan Klang Nam was our favorite restaurant meal and our lunch at Chatuchak was our favorite cheap meal. After our fabulous massage at Wat Po we took a taxi to Chatuchak Market. It was huge. I don't think we even covered 10 per cent of the market. I didn't expect so many food choices in ... [Read More]

Best Massage at Wat Po

On our third day in Bangkok we went to Wat Po not to see the beautiful temples but to get the best massage ever. On the way to the massage center we couldn't stop taking pictures. They really did a spectacular job with the renovation. Everything was so clean, shiny and sparkly. We finally found the ... [Read More]

Dinner at Baan Klang Nam

We had our best meal in Bangkok at Baan Klang Nam. A big thanks to Kathy for recommending this restaurant and to her friend Alisa for making the reservations. We heard it was virtually impossible to dine here without a reservation. We left the elephant village past 4 pm and made it to the restaurant ... [Read More]

Dinner with Sonia

The title of this post is dinner with Sonia because I don't know the name of the restaurant she brought us too. Everything was written in Thai. It was definitely a place for the locals.We finished our massage at almost 11:00 pm. We were surprised that Sonia wanted to take us for late dinner. We ... [Read More]

Thai Massage @ Mr. Feet

Pain. Our feet were in so much pain from the first day of non-stop walking. We needed massage badly.Our friend Sonia who moved to Bangkok several years ago when she got married is now super fluent in the Thai language. She recommended Mr. Feet which was just across her office and very near the ... [Read More]