Matcha Love

Next to chocolate my favorite flavor is matcha or green tea. Anytime I see any food or drink with matcha flavor I buy it hoping to find a new favorite. I will break down my discoveries by the country where I bought them. Manila I'm happy that Starbucks has a good iced green tea latte that I ... [Read More]

Food Products From Taiwan

As you've seen from my previous posts Taiwan is such a foodie country. From the night markets to the supermarkets the types of foodstuff to buy are mind boggling. Imagine if the labels were in English I would have been tempted to buy stuff. Here are some of the stuff I bought that I highly recommend ... [Read More]

China Airlines Lounge at Taipei Taoyuan Airport

I flew economy to Taipei but because of the Mabuhay Miles Prestige Card that Allied Band Mastercard gave me I was able to access the China Airlines lounge in Taipei's Taoyuan airport. When I first landed in Taipei at the old, unrenovated airport terminal it reminded me of our old and dated NAIA 1 ... [Read More]

Gong Cha Taipei

When I was in Taipei I was actively looking for the popular milk tea brands we have in Manila like Chatime, Share Tea and others but I didn't see them except for this tiny branch of Gong Cha in a small street right across the massage place we went to. I wanted to try something new but ... [Read More]

Seafood Dinner at Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market

I have 3 cousins who live in Taipei and all are fluent in speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. How I envy them. For dinner we met with my cousin, Angie the oldest of 3 siblings. She took us to Taipei Hwashi Tourist Night Market for dinner.This night market was different from Raohe St. night ... [Read More]

Tamsui Old Street Night Market

This was the view that met us when we walked to Tamsui Old Street Night Market. There were more locals than tourists from what I saw. There were also lots of dogs with clothes being walked by their owners. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by so much snack stands. The whole place was ... [Read More]

Seafood Lunch at Tamsui

One of the best meals I had in Taipei was at a restaurant in Tamsui Old Street Night Market. My cousin Benjie chose the place. The restaurant didn't have an English name. My dad did all the ordering. The place didn't look like much but the food was wonderful. The fried oysters ... [Read More]

Starbucks Taipei

After Yangmingshan we went to Tamsui (淡水, or Danshui, Danshuei, Tamshui) Old Street and waterfront to have lunch and walk around. While waiting for my cousin Benjie to park his van I saw this Starbucks store celebrating it's 14th anniversary in Taipei and some products were on sale for 15% ... [Read More]

Yangmingshan National Park

Since my cousin Benjie is a local tour guide on occasion he took us to Yang Ming Shan for some sightseeing. The park was beautiful but it was so hot that day that the 'oldies' didn't want to walk up and explore the flowers and plants in the park. Pat, Jay and I walked for a ... [Read More]

Raohe St. Night Market 2012

Two years ago I went to Raohe St. Night Market with some friends. This time I went with my parents and some friends. The advantage is my parents can speak and read Chinese so we were able to order different food. Our first stop was dinner at this small restaurant with a Chinese only ... [Read More]