Margaret River Day 5 – Part 3 Woody Nook Wines, Yahava Koffee Works, Melting Pot Glass Studio

The nice lady at Wonky Windmill Farm suggest we have lunch at Woody Nook Wines. We were amazed at all the business cards stuck on their walls. There were cards from all over the world. There was even money from different countries on the wall. I had my wallet out looking for Philippine peso ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 5 – Part 2 Shearing Shed & Wonky Windmill Farm

After Country Life Farm we went to Shearing Shed to catch the live show. We arrived late and missed seeing the shearing of the sheep, sheepdogs in action mustering and working the sheep and bottle feeding the baby lambs. Show times are only at 11:00 am and we arrived ten minutes after. Even if we ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 5 – Part 1 Country Life Farm

Today is all for P, Rochelle's son who had to suffer so many days of adult places. He loves animals so we went to Country Life Farm to pet some animals. I thought I would be bored but I really had fun. We were provided with small pails of freshly cut carrots for feeding the animals. You can ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 4 – Part 3 Breweries & Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory, Chow

We saved the breweries for the end of the day. Actually we were following a geographical route and the 2 breweries were at the farthest end. When we still in Manila doing research on the places to go to in Margaret River we saw that one of the breweries had chocolate beer. That piqued our interest ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 4 – Part 2 Vasse Felix, Cape Lavender, Olio Belo

After a morning of sampling candies and nuts we were hungry for real food. Most of the guides we read said that Vasse Felix winery had very good food. So we went to check it out. The grounds were very beautiful but I couldn't take any pictures because it was raining and the wind very gusty. They ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 3 – Part 2 Lake Cave, The Berry Farm, Blue Ginger

I must be a sucker for pain and suffering. After Jewel cave we went to Lake cave. The good thing is no one told me how many steps there are in each cave. If they did I wouldn't have punished my arthritic knees!Lake cave is the most beautiful and most painful. To go down to the cave I had to walk ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 3 – Part 1 Sea Gardens, Jewel Cave

Day 3 starts off with the best breakfast we've had in Australia. It was a short drive from MR to Prevelly where Sea Gardens restaurant was located. view from the restaurant the beach looks so near The brekkie (breakfast in Aussie) wasn't cheap but it sure was good and unique. We ordered ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Tour Part 3

Fermoy Estate was the last winery we went to.This winery reminded us of a French chateau. I don't know what animals these are but they were running around the grounds. the 'whites' the 'reds' We were more interested in the fragrant lavender bush right outside the window. Of all the ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 2 – Bushtucker Winery & Brewery Tour part 1

On our 2nd day in MR we joined Bushtucker Winery & Brewery Tour which costs A$80 for adults and A$30 for kids. We went to 4 wineries - Churchview, Knotting Hill, The Grove, Fermoy Estate - The Margaret River Dairy Co., Margaret River Chocolate Company, and the Duckstein Brewery/Saracen Estates. I'll ... [Read More]

Margaret River Day 1 – Rooftop Apartment

When we decided to go to Perth Rochelle and Chris did some research on where else we can go. They stumbled onto Margaret River. I'm glad they did. Margaret River is surrounded by beautiful beaches, caves, wineries and so many other natural and man made sights.We did an exhaustive search on where to ... [Read More]