Paris: Poilâne & Secco Patisserie

I had a long list of food I wanted to try in Paris and the sourdough bread of Poilâne was one of them. I thought we weren't able to try it anymore but luckily it was near the Metro stop where we got off to go to the Segway Tour's office. I had this vision of having a picnic in one of Paris' many ... [Read More]

Paris Segway Tour

Hands down our best experience in our European trip last June was the Paris Segway Tour. I was so happy that Rochelle agreed to take the Segway tour with me otherwise I would have been too chicken to do it myself. The 3 hour tour cost €90 per person and it was worth every Euro. They also ... [Read More]

Angelina Paris

Having the famous hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris is one of the most common touristy things that has to be experienced.We went to their branch at Galeries Lafayette.Angelina menu (click to enlarge)Rochelle was quite excited when she saw all that whipped cream which she ate. All of it. All by ... [Read More]

Paris: Macaron Tasting

I've said it before I'm not a big fan of French macarons but since I was in Paris I decided try the macarons from the most popular stores - Laduree, Pierre Hermé and Jean-Paul Hevin.  You can't ignore macarons in Paris they are everywhere from small neighborhood patisseries to supermarkets even ... [Read More]

Paris: Lunch at La Maison de la Truffe

The reason we went to Place de la Madeleine was to eat at La Maison de la Truffe which was highly recommended by my cousin-in-law Mary. A bonus was going to the stores around the area namely Fouchon, Héidiard and Mariage Frères. I made reservations online several weeks before. They are closed on ... [Read More]

Paris: Mariage Frères

The last store we went to in Place de Madeleine was Mariage Frères (Mariage Brothers), a French gourmet tea shop. Next to coffee my second most favorite beverage is tea so you can just imagine how I felt when I entered the store and the scents of various tea assailed my senses. I ... [Read More]

Paris: Hédiard

Place de Madeleine is foodie's area. We just stepped out of Fauchon when I saw Hédiard right across the street. I wasn't as familiar with the store as Fauchon so I was quite amazed when I went in. Hédiard is fine grocery store. They carried pastries, candy, vegetables, coffee, spices, olive oil and ... [Read More]

Paris: Fauchon

On our second day in Paris we rode the Métro to Place de Madeleine to eat at a restaurant recommended by my cousin who was just in Paris a week before us. We went there early to walk around the area. To my delight there were 3 shops within minutes of each other that were a foodie's paradise. The ... [Read More]

Paris: Le Fontaine de Mars & Eiffel Tower

Hello Paris!!! As soon as we dropped off our luggage at the Lenox Montparnasse Hotel we went to dinner. We left the hotel early to give us time to figure out the Métro and find the restaurant. We only took the taxi twice in Paris -  to and from the airport. A tip for those who will take the taxi ... [Read More]

Paris: Lenox Montparnasse Hotel

Of all  the things I researched for my recent European trip the hardest was choosing a hotel in Paris. The first thing was to decide which arrondissement to stay in. Paris is divided into 20 neighborhoods or arrondissements. Each area has it's own charm and specialties. I really couldn't decide ... [Read More]