Rome: Gelateria Lo Scimmiotto

I wasn't planning to eat gelato at 10:30 in the morning. I just went in to waste time while waiting for Tazza D'Oro to open and this gelato shop was just across it. Look how near Gelateria Lo Scimmiotto was to the Pantheon. Of all the gelato we've eaten in Italy this was the most ... [Read More]

Rome: Pantheon

The area surrounding the Pantheon was one of our favorite places in Rome and we wish we had more time to explore it. Two of the best coffee shops in Rome are located within walking distance to the Pantheon.The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a ... [Read More]

Rome: Fior di Luna Gelato

No meal in Rome is complete without gelato for dessert. This was the only gelato store we saw in Travestere. I was initially hesitant since this was the first gelato we were going to eat that wasn't held inside stainless covered cylinders. The sign for their ingredients gave me ... [Read More]

Rome: Ristorante la Canonica

Since we've eaten mostly at restaurants near our B&B in Rome we wanted a change of scenery so we went to Travestere, an area popular with tourists and filled with lots of bars and restaurants. We walked and walked looking for a restaurant that didn't scream 'tourists eat ... [Read More]

Vatican City: The Scavi Tour & St. Peter’s Basilica

Everybody who goes to Rome makes it a point to visit the Vatican City. The Vatican museum and St. Peter's Basilica are the top most visited sites in Italy. What many may not know is another special tour to the Vatican Necropolis (Scavi) underneath the Basilica where Tomb of St. Peter is ... [Read More]

Rome: The Best Coffee in Rome

I admit that I didn't love the food I ate in Italy but I loved the coffee. When I searched for the best coffee in Rome two coffee shops were in the top of the lists. We went to both to try them out for ourselves. Both coffee shops were near the Pantheon. Our first stop was Sant’Eustachio Il ... [Read More]

Rome: Pizzeria Dal Paino, Piazza Navona

I wasn't giving up. I still wanted to find great pizza in Italy. My search took us to Pizzeria Baffeto which was in several lists of 'must eats' in Rome. What I neglected to read on my research was the opening hours of Baffeto. No wonder there were no lines, the pizzeria was open for dinner ... [Read More]

Rome: Trattoria al Moro, Caffe Greco, Baccano Gelato

So far most of the meals we've had in Italy were disappointing with some mediocre dishes that served to merely fill our tummies. That changed when we had dinner at Trattoria al Moro. We were quite famished having skipped lunch and spent the day at the Vatican museum and we arrived a little too ... [Read More]

Rome: Vatican Museum

From the Colosseum and after lunch of gelato we rode the Metro to the Vatican Museum. I bought tickets for a guided tour from the Vatican's website. I advise taking a guided tour so you will know more information about the things inside the big, big museum. The tour which included the Sistine chapel ... [Read More]

Rome: Flor Gelato

I did my research beforehand for good places for gelato in Rome. A new brand of artisanal gelato called Flor has opened in Rome. Lucky for us a there was a branch near the Colosseum along Via Cavour near the entrance to the Roman Forum. After our tour of the Colosseum we were so hot and tired ... [Read More]