San Sebastian: Gran Bar La Espiga and Rojo Y Negro

Goodbye San Sebastian! These were our last meals in the city that topped the poll as the greatest gastronomic destination in the world. San Sebastian beat out Tokyo, Sydney and Paris for the top spot for foodies and I agree 100%! From Michelin 3 Star restaurants to pintxos bars the food never ... [Read More]

San Sebastian: Supermarket Finds

Whenever I go to a different country I make it a point to visit their supermarket. I like to see the products they sell, even the layout of the store and how it differs to what we're used to fascinates me. Just a couple of blocks from Hotel de Londres was this really nice shopping area that ... [Read More]

San Sebastian: 3 Star Lunch at Akelaŕe

As of 2012 there are five Michelin 3 star restaurants in Spain and three of them are in San Sebastian, Akelaŕe, Arzak and Martin Berasategui. Due to several reasons we chose to dine at Akelaŕe. We actually made a reservation there even before making hotel reservations and buying plane tickets like ... [Read More]

San Sebastian: Pintxos Bar Hopping

As I mentioned before San Sebastian is well know for all the Michelin Starred restaurants but it's also very popular for pintxos (pinchos) or tapas. You can say we went to San Sebastian just to EAT! We didn't waste any time. Our first night we walked from our hotel Parte Vieja (Old Part) where ... [Read More]

San Sebastian: Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

San Sebastian located in the north of Spain in the Basque country may not be as popular as Madrid or Barcelona but in the foodie world its the star of Spain. San Sebastian boasts of more Michelin starred restaurants per capita than any city in the world. I may be the only food blogger in the family ... [Read More]