Instagram Food Finds

A lot of times I post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and don't blog about it anymore. I realize not everyone has social media accounts and it's hard to look for pictures that you want to find again. That's why I posting some new food finds that deserve to be shared on this ... [Read More]

Osaka: Depachika (Food Wonderland)

If you're planning a trip to Japan you MUST include a trip to a depachika. Depa what? Depachika is my Disneyland. It's the food hall at the basement of large department stores.  ... [Read More]

Osaka: Umekita Cellar

I've been negligent on my posts on Osaka with holidays and mini vacations. Here's the continuation and I hope to fast track it so I can start on my Tokyo posts.  ... [Read More]

Paleo Manila

Confess. You gained weight over the holidays right? Who hasn't. I'm sure you also promised to start dieting now, am I right? If you're like me Ms. Procrastination then you need a kick in the butt to start the diet. I know I do. Last year I did the Paleo diet by ordering meals from Paleo Manila ... [Read More]

Food Trip at Harbour City HK

I hate going to Harbour City in Hong Kong. Each time I go there I gain about 5 lbs!!! But really it's one of the best malls in Hong Kong. I feel like all the retail brands have a shop there.  ... [Read More]

Hong Kong Prepaid Data Sim & Kee Tsui Cake Shop

The title of this post may seem strange to you. I wanted to share my discovery of a Hong Kong prepaid data sim card and I couldn't just post two pictures so I threw in a delicious food find. ... [Read More]

A Couple of Restaurant Revisits and Favorite Food Finds

I have eaten at several restaurants once. There are only a few places that I've been back twice or more and even lesser restaurants that I want to return again and again. These two restaurants are ones are ones that I don't mind going back over and over again. ... [Read More]

Christmas Party Catered by Deli de San Honore

Every year my friends and I have our own Christmas party at Deb's house. We had it catered by Deli de San Honore which I've featured several times already. ... [Read More]

Baked By Anita’s Bocaditos

It's been a good year for me in terms of food discoveries but not weight gain. I've tried a lot of good ice cream, cheesecake,  ensaymada, apple pies, bagels and lots of donuts. But my favorite food find has to be bocaditos. ... [Read More]

Food Finds at Connie’s Kitchen Deli

I had a craving for Bucky's and when I Googled it I was surprised that Connie's Kitchen Deli carried it. I've passed by this store along 4th street  in New Manila countless of times but I never thought to stop because I thought the store only sold Connie's Kitchen products which are also ... [Read More]