Todd English Food Hall Manila

Todd English Food Hall Manila - Chorizo & Shrimp Flatbread Pizza

About 3 months ago celebrity chef Todd English came to Manila to open the 2nd branch of Todd English Food Hall. The first branch is in The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Imagine the hoopla this caused with Manila's diners who wanted a taste of the TV chef's restaurant. The lines were crazy long ... [Read More]

Caliburger at Century City Mall

Century City Mall Manila-011

Last February 21, 2014 I was in Kalayaan Avenue in Makati and remember there was a new mall called Century City Mall (not related to the one in L.A.) so I made a quick detour to check out the place.  ... [Read More]

A Couple of Restaurant Revisits and Favorite Food Finds

Pegi Waffles-002

I have eaten at several restaurants once. There are only a few places that I've been back twice or more and even lesser restaurants that I want to return again and again. These two restaurants are ones are ones that I don't mind going back over and over again. ... [Read More]

Margarita ForΓ©s’ Grace Park

Grace Park- sardine spread

Here's another farm-to-table restaurant. This one by the acclaimed chef and restaurateur Margarita ForΓ©s. I'm a long time fan of Cibo as well as her catering so I was excited to try her new restaurant. I've read some early not so good reviews that's why I waited until a couple of weeks ago to try ... [Read More]

Brasserie Girolle

Brasserie Girolle burger image

Rochelle and I were supposed to have lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club to use the coupon she bought online but she left it at home. I didn't mind since we got to try Brasserie Girolle next door. ... [Read More]

Melbourne: Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

One of the most popular attractions in Victoria, Australia is the Twelve Apostles, a collection of limestone stacks found in Port Campbell National Park. ... [Read More]

Melbourne: Geelong and The Bottle of Milk

Cunningham Pier, Geelong-010

The highlight of my trip to Melbourne last March was going to 12 Apostles which was a four hour trip from Melbourne via the scenic Great Ocean Road. ... [Read More]

Dinner at Burger Bar

loaded Tex-Mex ground beef nachos P360

Every few months my two blogger friends, Fran and Jin, and I meet up just to eat and chat. Well mostly we just eat and compare restaurants we like and dislike. Our choice for dinner was Burger Bar at Greenbelt 2 in Makati. It occupied the 2nd floor while the space below was namnam ... [Read More]

Lunch at ‘Cue Modern Barbecue


When I go to out of the country I insist on only eating that country's cuisine. When we went to Spain all we had was Spanish food. Makes sense right? But in Manila I want to eat different kinds of food and it's a good thing that new restaurants keep opening with new and improved cuisines for ... [Read More]

Dinner at Umami Burger

Umami burger

Goodbye Virginia, hello Los Angeles!!! I arrived at night just in time for dinner and the start of a totally different dining experience. Welcome to land of stars and showbiz. Too bad I didn't see any celebrities during my short stay. My cousin picked me up from the airport and gave me a choice ... [Read More]