Tokyo Coffee Trail

Next to dark chocolate and cookies my favorite treat is coffee. Whenever I go to countries popular for coffee I make it a point to try as many places as I can. I went on a coffee binge in San Francisco, Melbourne, New Zealand (not yet posted) and Tokyo. ... [Read More]

The Breadery

Do you get those fantasies of getting locked in a store by mistake after it closes? When I was a kid I would imagine getting trapped in a mega toy store. Now if there's one place I don't mind getting locked in it's at The Breadery. You see I can live without rice and but bread in all its forms ... [Read More]

Osaka: UCC Cafe Plaza, Animate, Doutour

It was fun walking and eating at Kuromon Ichiba Market but it was quite warm in Osaka in June so we were parched and in need of coffee and refreshments.  The obvious answer to our needs was the UCC Cafe Plaza right across the entrance of the market.  ... [Read More]

Yardstick Coffee

Right after our lunch at Your Local we moved to Yardstick Coffee right beside it. If I'm not mistaken Yardstick is at the forefront of Manila's third wave coffee scene.  ... [Read More]

Hong Kong: Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon at Harbour City

When my friend told me that Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon opened at Harbour City I made sure to squeeze it in my busy eating schedule. I usually go to Le Salon de Thé de Joel Robuchon at Elements and am thrilled now that it's much nearer and more convenient for me. ... [Read More]

Duck & Buvette at Shangri-La Plaza

Some people like my cousin La loves duck confit so much that if it's on the menu you can be sure that's what she will order. I on the other hand have never ordered duck confit as my entree. Sure I've tried a bite or two but it isn't just my favorite. I'm more prone to order lamb chops or good ... [Read More]

Lunch at Cheesecakes by Guy in Eastwood

Sometimes I yearn for a good sandwich rather than eat the usual rice meal or in my case when I'm on a diet, protein and veggies only. There's something very comforting about eating a good sandwich which isn't always easy to find in Manila. ... [Read More]

Eric Kayser Cafe in Greenhills

I've been waiting for Eric Kayser to open in Greenhills for a long time. Ever since I tried their dark chocolate chip cookie in Hong Kong I've been a big fan.  ... [Read More]

Coffee Empire

Coffee Empire in West Avenue, Quezon City seemed so far away but since I was in Quezon City I made it a point to stop by for coffee after my sushi lunch at Morita Japanese Restaurant nearby.  ... [Read More]

Starbucks Reserve Manila

Starbucks Reserve has landed in Manila! As of this moment there are 3 branches already open in Manila. We went to the branch in Burgos Circle in The Fort. ... [Read More]