Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants – Wu Kong and Chuk Yuen

Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant- fresh abalone-001

Whenever someone asks me to recommend a restaurant in Hong Kong I always reply Wu Kong and Chuk Yuen as must eats. ... [Read More]

A Day of Eating in Sheung Wan

La Creperie- Le Delfi HK$68-002

Whenever I go to Hong Kong I stay in Tsim Sha Tsui that's why most of my restaurant reviews are from the area. I hardly go to Hong Kong side just to eat. I figured there was more than enough good restaurants in my side of the harbour so why bother? Last August I met up with my friend's sister, ... [Read More]

All You Can Eat Dim Sum at Red Lantern, Solaire Resort & Casino

Red Lantern dim sum favorites

My friends Jennie and Florence treated our group to a stuff-your-face-silly dim sum lunch at Solaire Resort and Casino. The private rooms in Red Lantern were beautifully appointed. There is a minimum consumable fee of P20,000 if you want to dine in private. I really liked the ... [Read More]

Lunch at Cloudland Chinese Cuisine

pan fried Angus beef with wasabi sauce HK$138

I used to stay very near Minden Avenue several years ago. I never went there because there was nothing there except for a laundry shop and some bars. It wasn't until I went to Butao Ramen that I discovered the whole street was lined with several restaurants. Minden Avenue is parallel to Mody ... [Read More]

Imperial House Dim Sum

steamed -Chen Chuan- rice sheet noodles with preserved vegetable & shredded pork HK$38

Last December we took a short trip to Macao from Hong Kong. Months before our trip I looked at the rates and room pictures of virtually all the newer hotels in Macao. Sure there were a lot of really nice looking rooms but the sizes were much smaller than Venetian's Verona suite and the price was ... [Read More]

More Chuk Yuen Love

fried stuffed duck meat with taro HK$25

We always eat at Chuk Yuen on our first or second day in Hong Kong. It's my comfort food in Hong Kong and I really needed it after my unsatisfactory meals at Carpaccio and Ginza Bairin the previous day. When you have lunch at Chuk Yuen they USUALLY offer you FREE hot sugarcane or orange ... [Read More]

Shanghai Wonton from Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Shanghai wonton in chili & sour sauce

Whenever anyone asks me where to eat in Hong Kong my reply is always Chuk Yuen for dim sum and Wu Kong for the food and xiao long bao. Every time I go to Hong Kong I eat at these two restaurants at least once. Each time I go to Chuk Yuen they have something new in their dim sum menu. Last October ... [Read More]

Take Out Dinner From Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan's baked bun with bbq pork HK$15

For lunch I ate atΒ Nanhai No. 1, a Michelin One Star restaurant in a beautiful setting with matching prices. For dinner I bought dim sum at a hole in a wall in Mongkok which also had the distinction of being the cheapest Michelin One Star restaurant in Hong Kong. I went to Tim Ho Wan late in the ... [Read More]

Lunch at Nanhai No. 1

pan-fried oyster cake HK$168

I've featured several restaurants in iSquare since we often eat there if we're too lazy to walk. It's just a few minutes walk from our place in Tsim Sha Tsui. I never knew there was a Michelin One Star ChineseΒ restaurant, Nanhai No. 1, in the building until I read the reviews on OpenRice. The ... [Read More]

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan-011

I just left 18 Grams full and happy when I checked out what else was nearby using Yelp. I was surprised when the magical words "Tim Ho Wan" came out. Who doesn't know about Hong Kong's cheapest Michelin Star restaurant opened by a former chef of Lung King Heen? I've been wanting to try Tim Ho Wan ... [Read More]