La Nuova Pasteleria

La Nuova Pasteleria

La Nuova Pasteleria in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park has been open since 1978. The first time I ate there was in Novemeber 2009. The second time was in November 14, 2013. ... [Read More]

HK: Dinner #2 Motorino Pizza

Motorino Pizza HK - sopressata picante pizza -005

Dinner #2 was supposed to be at Yardbird but when we got there the restaurant was closed for renovation. We took a cab to nearby SOHO to look for another place to eat. ... [Read More]

After Lunch at Chelsea Serendra

Chelsea Serendra- Chocolate Dipped Crispy Bacon, Caramelized Bananas & Balsamic Caramel Sauce P395-001

After our lunch at Donosti most of my friends were still hungry for both food and dessert. ... [Read More]

Melbourne – D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

pizza with figs, gorgonzola, D.O.P San Daniele prosciutto & Buffalo mozzarella

One of my most memorable meals in Melbourne was the pizza at D.O.C. Pizza where we celebrated Sam's birthday. It was a double celebration since I also celebrated my love for pizza.  ... [Read More]

A Week in Instagram

Jollibee palabok cover

With so many forms of social media around it's confusing for someone in my generation. I recently got more proficient with Instagram which I found interesting and entertaining. With one post on Instagram I can also share my pictures on Twitter and Facebook. I also discovered several fascinating ... [Read More]

Amici’s New Products


It's been too long since I've eaten at Amici considering I pass by their branch almost everyday. After seeing their new products in the newspaper I decided it's time to reacquaint myself with one of my favorite Italian QSR (quick service restaurant).  ... [Read More]

Project Pie Philippines

Project Pie Philippines

I don't usually go to a restaurant when it's brand new but since Project Pie was about artisan pizza, an important food group for me, and it was nearby I went there for lunch yesterday.  ... [Read More]

Balesin Island Club – What We Ate at Balesin Village


Several years ago I went to Maldives and stayed at a 5 star resort. The place was beautiful but the food was shockingly expensive and  mediocre at best. Balesin Island Club can compete with the one in Maldives and the food is priced reasonably and quite good to boot.  ... [Read More]

Steveston Pizza

Steveston Pizza - 12- Black Pizza P649 2

PIZZA!!! I told you I was craving for pizza. Don't worry this is my last pizza post for a while. I think I'm cured of my pizza cravings (cross my fingers). I bet you've passed by this small, unassuming storefront along Tomas Morato without realizing Steveston Pizza is a popular and widely ... [Read More]

Sandy’s Pizza

Sandy's Pizza - white pizza, Margherita, spicy tuna

I have food cravings and it happens in phases. First it was sushi. I must have eaten sushi two to three times a week until I can't even look at sushi. Next was nachos. My latest obsession is pizza. I haven't eaten pizza in a while and I wanted it delivered so my favorite pizzas from Nolita or My ... [Read More]