Deli de San Honore, Tagaytay

The name Deli de San Honore may seem familiar to regular readers of this blog. I've featured it numerous times as a caterer for our parties. Asides from being a caterer the team finally opened their dream restaurant in Tagaytay that opens only on weekends.  ... [Read More]

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Good Shepherd, The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop

Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay in one of my favorite places to eat at. It doesn't matter that it takes at least 90 minutes to get there from Manila I would go there any chance I get. Unfortunately I didn't have a good experience when I brought my balikbayan cousin and my mom, both first timers, ... [Read More]

Antonio’s Tagaytay 2014

I go to Antonio's in Tagaytay whenever my friend Ariel comes home from San Francisco because that's his favorite restaurant. I don't mind going to Antonio's more than once a year though. ... [Read More]

Breakfast at Antonio’s 2013

Happy New Year everyone!! Sorry for the loooong absence but I was on vacation and got sick over the holidays. It wasn't fun staying in bed from December 24-25 but I'm glad that the nasty bug is gone now.  ... [Read More]

Breakfast at Antonio’s

Whenever I go to San Francisco my friend Ariel takes me to all the best restaurants in the city. When he comes to Manila it's my turn to treat him. His only request this time was to eat at Antonio's since he enjoyed it so much the last time he ate there. I tried calling and texting Antonio's the ... [Read More]

The Old Kano’s Farm and Ilog Maria

I seldom go to Tagaytay and when I do there are so many places I want to go to. After our lunch at Antonio's we went to Bag of Beans for my haul of beef and mushroom pies.Next stop was The Old Kano's Farm so I can buy organic lettuce and whatever else veggies they have. The farm was only 3 km. from ... [Read More]

Lunch at Antonio’s, Tagaytay 2012

My dear friend, Ariel who's from San Francisco came home for a short vacation last January. He's the one who brings me to all the good restaurants whenever I go to San Francisco. This time it was my turn to bring him to my favorite restaurant in Tagaytay and possibly in the Philippines. There's ... [Read More]

Mr. Moo’s Fresh Milk & Kesong Puti

After lunch in Tagaytay Highlands' Golfer's Lounge we headed back to Manila. We stopped by Mr. Moo's to buy some milk, cheese and pastillas.Mr. Moo's is on the right side of the road on the way to the Sta. Rosa exit. You have to keep an eye for it.Mr. Moo's basically sold milk and cheese from 3 ... [Read More]

The Highlands Golfer’s Lounge

For our last meal in Tagaytay before we headed back to Manila, we had lunch at Golfer's Lounge inside Tagaytay Highlands clubhouse. The meal was Florence's birthday treat to us.Golfer's Lounge was the open air, casual all-day dining restaurant of Tagaytay Highlands. They served mostly Filipino food ... [Read More]

Highlands China Palace

We couldn't decide where to eat dinner and we were hungry so we went to Highlands China Palace right inside Tagaytay Highlands. It was a good decision.Members of Tagaytay Highlands are very fortunate that they have a large Chinese restaurant that serves well cooked, authentic Chinese food in their ... [Read More]