Feta Mediterranean Restaurant in Greenhills

I was intrigued by the pictures of the food of Feta that I saw online. I did some research and found some pretty good reviews that's why I chose the place for our Tuesday lunch. ... [Read More]

Cyma at Shangri-La Plaza

The last time I ate at Cyma was in 2011 and I suggested we have dinner there since I saw Chef Robby Goco post pictures of some of the new dishes he created for Cyma.  ... [Read More]

Melbourne: Lamb Souvlaki

When I learned I was going to Melbourne I planned on eating a lot of lamb in restaurants serving authentic Aussie fare. It didn't happen. Instead I got to eat lamb souvlaki twice and I was more than satisfied.  ... [Read More]

Balesin Island Club – Mykonos Village

The best thing about Balesin Island Club is that a few minutes on a golf buggy and you are transported into another country. No detail is too small when they designed each village that sometimes I forget that I'm even in the Philippines. ... [Read More]

Lunch at Greeka Kouzina

I've been wanting to try Greeka Kouzina for a while now. I've read about it in numerous blogs and it's very near my house. I did try to go there at 6:30 one Saturday night but it was full with a number of people still waiting for a table. Just before I left for Hong Kong last December I had lunch ... [Read More]

Dinner at Zaytinya

Washington DC has so many great restaurants maybe not as much as New York but it's pretty close. The only reason I don't get to eat in DC as much as I want to is I stay in Virginia with my cousin and it's not as easy to go to DC at night without driving and needing a babysitter for my cousin's ... [Read More]

Dinner at Cyma

After appetizers at Sumo Sam my college buddies and I moved to Cyma for our main meal. Cyma is one of those restaurants where I know I can always get a good and consistent meal. It's been around for several years and is still going strong. The dip was very garlicky and tasted like cream of mushroom ... [Read More]