Osaka Ohsho at SM Mega Fashion Mall

Osaka Ohsho Gyoza

It was my first time to go to SM Mega Fashion Mall, the latest addition to SM Mega Mall's sprawling collection of buildings making it the biggest mall in the Philippines. ... [Read More]

Utage Lunch Buffet at Inagiku

Inagiku, Makati Shangri-La- yahi tori-001

One of my favorite buffets in Manila is at Makati Shangri-La's Inagiku restaurant. The last time I wrote about it was in 2009 when I thought my pictures looked good. Hopefully I've improved with these pictures. ... [Read More]

Toki Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining

Toki Japanese REstaurant

I enjoyed Kitsho's king crab leg hot pot so much Jin suggested I try Toki's oyster hot pot. Toki is located above McDonald's across S & R at The Fort.  ... [Read More]

Kitsho Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar at Traders Hotel

Kitsho Restaurant & Sake Bar- Unagi Oshi Sushi PHP 650.00++ .00++ -001

My friend Frannywanny and her hubby Paul now live in Singapore. They come back to Manila from time to time and Jinlovestoeat and I try to meet up with them whenever Fran can fit us in their super tight schedule of non-stop eating and meet ups. Such is the life of an in demand food ... [Read More]

Ramen Nagi at SM Aura

Ramen Nagi- Black King-003

When I told my cousin who's from the US that I wanted to bring her to SM Aura to try Ramen Nagi her first request was to see the  Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod before we ate or else we might forget to go.  ... [Read More]

Tampopo Philippines – Ramen, Tonkatsu atpb.

Tampopo Philippines - Deluxe Hokkaido Ramen P420-003

It seems like every week there is a new ramen or tonkatsu restaurant opening in Manila whether an imported franchise or a local one. One of the latest franchise that opened combines both ramen and tonkatsu in their menu.  ... [Read More]

Nobu Hong Kong

Nobu Hong Kong - bento box

One of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong is Nobu in InterContinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. I've eaten there a number of times but I can't believe the only time I wrote about it was way back in 2009 and it was one of my first few posts.   ... [Read More]

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

I hardly ever go to SM Mall of Asia since it's a bit too far for me but one weekday last December I had to run an errand in the area. After my errand I texted my friend Deb and within five minutes I had a lunch date with all my HS classmates who worked for the SM group. We agreed to have lunch at ... [Read More]

Gyumon Yakiniku Restaurant

Gyumon - Jo Karubi

Our 12 hour celebration of my friend Deb's birthday continued with dinner at Gyumon Restaurant. It's not a new restaurant. It doesn't have ambiance and the location is not ideal since it's right next to a gentleman's club. What it does have is pretty good food. ... [Read More]

Romankan Yokohama at iSquare

Romankan Yokohama

When iSquare  opened a few years ago I remember Romankan Yokohama was one of the first restaurants to open. I guess I wasn't too interested in tonkatsu then. Last August I finally got to try this Japanese restaurant. Read on to see how they compare to all the tonkatsu restaurants in Hong ... [Read More]