Matcha in Manila

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe-002

If my memory serves me right the first time I enjoyed matcha was Starbucks' matcha latte. Before that I never really gave thought to matcha. Now you know I'm obsessed. In Japan and Hong Kong it's easy to find good matcha drinks and food. In Manila it's like finding a needle in a haystack. I should ... [Read More]

Oedo Japanese Restaurant

Oedo Japanese Restaurant

Are you tired of all my posts about Japanese food yet? I hope not because you have to try Oedo Japanese restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City. ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Tsurutontan Udon at Haneda Airport

Haneda airport food-005

If there's one tip you should take from me it's go to Haneda airport early. Four hours before your flight should be enough to eat and shop at the numerous stores. I went with only enough time to eat so I missed out on the leisurely tax-free shopping.  ... [Read More]

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar at SM Mega Fashion Hall

Ooma Japanese Rice Bar - Ooma Hanging tender

The other night I was invited to try out Ooma, a restaurant I've been waiting to open at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Why? Because Chef Bruce Ricketts is behind it. He's also the same chef at my favorite Mecha Uma.  ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Ningyocho Imahan Ginza

Ningyocho Imahan Ginza Sukiyaki-021

What do you do when you go to Tokyo? You EAT! I've eaten sushi, yakiniku, udon, ramen and this time I was going to eat good sukiyaki.  ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Fuunji Tsukemen Ramen

Fu-unji Tsukemen-013

When you search for the best ramen in Tokyo, Fuunji appears in most lists. This small eatery in Shinjuku is very popular for its tsukumen style ramen.  ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Tempura Tsunahachi

Tsunahachi Ginza- Clam Tempura-002

Just like my previous post Tsunahachi is also located at the top floor of a department store, Matsuya in Ginza. Tsunahachi is very popular for their tempura. Even though tempura isn't my favorite Japanese food I wanted to try the difference with the tempura in Manila.  ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Choutoku (長徳) Udon

Choutoku Udon Ginza- Hot Udon and Tempura ¥1,980-001

I have a tip for those going to Japan. When you don't know where to eat go to the top floor of departments stores and you will find a lot of restaurants to choose from. I noticed this in both Tokyo and Osaka. ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Sushi Bun (鮨文) at Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market - Sushi Bun-017

On our second day in Tokyo we walked to Tsukiji Market to have sushi for brunch. We went around 9:00 am. ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Kyushu Jangara Ramen 九州じゃんがら

Kyushu Jangara Ramen-016

My friends were so hungry from their inadequate CX airplane meal that as soon as we dropped off our luggage at Courtyard Tokyo Ginza Hotel we went in search of food. ... [Read More]