Boqueria at SM Mega Fashion Hall

Boqueria Philippines (SM Mega Fashion Hall)

With several new restaurants in SM Mega Fashion Hall (Building D) that I wanted to try we thought it would be best to eat a little in each place just to get a feel of the food and decide if we want to go back for a more in depth exploration. ... [Read More]

Mario’s Baguio

Mario's Baguio - Paella Valenciana-001

When I was much younger I didn't eat salad except for Mario's Caesar salad specially the one in Baguio. Finally after so many years I wanted to find out if their salad was still as good as I remembered.   ... [Read More]

Donosti Pintxos y Tapas

huevos estrellados con chorizo picadillo P550-002

When I went to Europe last year my favorite place for food was the coastal city of San Sebastián or Donostia in Spain. From Michelin 3 star Akelaŕe to pintxos bar hopping I just loved all the unique dishes that tasted familiar yet surprising.  ... [Read More]

Tapas at Las Flores

Las Flores - trio chorizos P625-001

There is no shortage of Spanish restaurants in Manila and every time a new one opens I want to try it since I just love tapas and paella.  ... [Read More]

Balesin Island Club – Costa Del Sol Village

Balesin Island Club - Costa Del Sol Village

If you've been following my series on Balesin Island Club, a members only resort in the Philippines, then you've seen my journey that seemed to be around the world when in reality I was just in an island paradise. We took a tour of all the 6 villages (1 hasn't opened) when we arrived on the ... [Read More]

VASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine

foie gras on mango toast

Last year I went to Spain and had the best meals in San Sebastian. From our extravagant lunch at Michelin Starred Akelaŕe to pintxos bar hopping I loved it all. When I found out that Chef J. Luis Gonzalez of Vask had his culinary roots in San Sebastian I couldn't wait to try his ... [Read More]

Recipe: Croquetas de Pollo y Chorizo (Chicken & Chorizo Croquettes)

chicken & chorizo croquettes

Croquetas (croquettes) are one of the most popular tapas in Spanish restaurants. The kinds of fillings you can use are endless. From chicken to salmon and even Spam. It's also a great dish to make in advance. You can make a whole batch and keep them in the freezer and just fry as you need ... [Read More]

Spanish Themed Birthday Dinner

boquerones (anchovies marinated in vinegar)

I cook only once or twice a year. This year the first time was last month when I treated my friends for my birthday celebration. For dinner I decided on a Spanish theme to reminisce on all the wonderful tapas and Spanish food I ate on my recent trip to Spain. One of our favorite discoveries in ... [Read More]

Barcelona: Tapas 24 & Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Tapas 24 - XORICOS OEUS DE PATATA (French Fries with chorizo & fried egg) €12

My dreams of dining at El Buli will never be realized now that the famous restaurant of Ferran Adrià  has closed it's doors. I tried desperately to get reservations at Tickets, the tapas bar in Barcelona Adrià opened with his brother. Reservations for a group of 16 was impossible so I tried it for 4 ... [Read More]

Barcelona: Best Paella at Sta Maria Del Mar Bar – Restaurant

Paella Negra

If you've been following my European Vacation posts on this blog you must think we are the most boring diners since almost all of our meals in Spain include paella. That's because we love paella and we've been obsessed looking for the BEST paella. This was our last paella in Spain and thank goodness ... [Read More]