Fabulous Desserts at Las Flores

My friend Rizette chose Las Flores to treat us for her birthday. The last time I ate there was in 2013 so I was eager to see if there were improvements.  ... [Read More]

Paella at ArroZeria

When you ask mention Spanish food to Filipinos the first dish they will mention is Paella. I think that's the most popular Spanish dish in Manila. So it's smart of the people behind Vask to open a very affordable restaurant that specializes in authentic types of Paella. ... [Read More]

Churreria La Lola at Rockwell

I finally got to try the popular churros from Churreria La Lola in Rockwell a couple of weeks ago.  ... [Read More]

Paella at Calderon

I don't know why it took so long for me to eat at Calderon when it's so near where I live. It took Rochelle's post birthday celebration for me to finally know what I've been missing.  ... [Read More]

Buffet at Alba Restaurante Español

It was a week day and my friend Tisay from Hong Kong want to treat us for her birthday. Since we had a couple of working girls in the group we had to eat near their work area. After numerous suggestions of restaurants in SM Mall of Asia we ended up at a place I've never been to. I was surprised by ... [Read More]

Costa Del Sol at The City Club

The first restaurant we tried at The City Club was the Spanish restaurant Costa del Sol. My friend was a member of the club and he invited us for lunch at the exclusive club in Makati. ... [Read More]

Boqueria at SM Mega Fashion Hall

With several new restaurants in SM Mega Fashion Hall (Building D) that I wanted to try we thought it would be best to eat a little in each place just to get a feel of the food and decide if we want to go back for a more in depth exploration. ... [Read More]

Mario’s Baguio

When I was much younger I didn't eat salad except for Mario's Caesar salad specially the one in Baguio. Finally after so many years I wanted to find out if their salad was still as good as I remembered.   ... [Read More]

Donosti Pintxos y Tapas

When I went to Europe last year my favorite place for food was the coastal city of San Sebastián or Donostia in Spain. From Michelin 3 star Akelaŕe to pintxos bar hopping I just loved all the unique dishes that tasted familiar yet surprising.  ... [Read More]

Tapas at Las Flores

There is no shortage of Spanish restaurants in Manila and every time a new one opens I want to try it since I just love tapas and paella.  ... [Read More]