Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Cafe

Most likely you've tried a crepe cake, as we call it, in Manila. I'm sure it's been served at a party of two. I know I've eaten my share since my friend makes it a point to have a crepe cake in her parties. Let me tell you now that Paper Moon's mille crepes tastes nothing like our local versions. ... [Read More]

Tokyo: Shinjuku Food Finds

When we were planning where to stay in Tokyo we were choosing over Shinjuku or Ginza and asked several friends their opinions. Most said Shinjuku but a couple swore by Ginza's more quiet area so that's where we went. We did go to Shinjuku a couple of times and got lost getting out of the confusing ... [Read More]

An open letter to all the CARBS I’ve loved in 2014

To all the CARBS I've loved in 2014, I'm writing to you because as much as I loved you (you obviously loved me more since you stayed in my perfectly rounded huge belly and refused to leave) we must part ways in 2015. Let me give you a final tribute and let me relive the happy days filled with ... [Read More]

Magnum Manila at SM Aura

Can you believe I've never tried a Magnum Bar before I went to Magnum Manila? What better time to try this popular ice cream than at their flagship cafe in SM Aura. ... [Read More]

Home Baked Goodies

A couple of weeks ago my diet was temporary put on hold when these tempting sweets were sent to me from some of Manila's talented home bakers. I love any form of dessert and I want to help out these hard working bakers by sharing them on this blog.  ... [Read More]

Flour Jar by Beatriz

Regular readers of this blog know I LOVE cookies. I love them more than cupcakes, cronuts, donuts, ice cream and macarons. Although apple pie and cheesecake compete for a space in my heart and tummy. ... [Read More]

YuMna! Cookies

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a cookie monster. Cookies are my most favorite sweet treats. I always bemoan the fact that there are so few establishments in Manila that give cookies a larger space on their shelves.   ... [Read More]

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina & CookieBar Manila

There are so many small restaurants in the Kapitolyo area that I still have to try but I had a hankering for nachos so I went to Silantro.   ... [Read More]

Food Trip at Harbour City HK

I hate going to Harbour City in Hong Kong. Each time I go there I gain about 5 lbs!!! But really it's one of the best malls in Hong Kong. I feel like all the retail brands have a shop there.  ... [Read More]

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!!!

You know I'm obsessed with matcha right? Well, last December I went crazy in Hong Kong and bought everything green that I saw. There were a few finds and some duds.  ... [Read More]