Midori Sushi Ginza 美登利寿司

Whenever I go to Japan I always wonder where do locals go for good, affordable sushi? I finally found one place in Ginza that answered my question. ... [Read More]

Dinner at Fiesta sa Barrio

This is it, my last meal in the USA. After spending a month going from San Francisco to Virginia, Washington DC and New York my last meal in Los Angeles was supposed to end with my best meal right? I was dreaming of Lawry's Prime Rib or some famous TV chef's restaurant. Where did I end up eating? In ... [Read More]

Brunch at Campanile

Who hasn't heard of Campanile? I've wanted to eat there for years and finally got the chance on my last day in Los Angeles last December 2011.Campanile is housed in an historic and dramatic structure built in 1929 by architect Roy Sheldon Price for Hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin. Mr Chaplin ... [Read More]

Farmers Market & The Grove

After our spectacular dinner at Fig & Olive we went to the Farmers Market and The Grove to walk off all the calories we consumed. It was also my first time to see these two places next to each other.During the day the Farmers Market had tenants selling organic produce, meats, poultry and seafood. ... [Read More]

Dinner at Fig & Olive

Whenever I travel I make it a point to research on which restaurants to try. However I don't bother doing this whenever I go to Los Angeles because I implicitly trust the taste of my cousin-in-law, Mary who's a foodie too. She knows all the best places to eat at in L.A.I've never heard of Fig & ... [Read More]

Food Options at Century City Mall

I should have told Sidney earlier that I wanted to go to Universal Studios. Since we weren't able to plan it he brought me to Century City Mall instead.I've never been to this outdoor mall. It was pretty nice but I was all shopped out so we just walked around a bit.I was fascinated with the food ... [Read More]

The J. Paul Getty Museum & The Restaurant

I've been to Los Angeles so many times in the past few years but this was the first time Sidney brought me to The J. Paul Getty Museum. As you can see by the first picture the highlight was our lunch at The Restaurant in the museum.From the parking garage we went to the tram station that will take ... [Read More]

Dinner at Sushi One

Our driver, aka cousin Sidney, was too tired to drive after the horrible traffic we passed through earlier. He decided we were going to eat nearby at Sushi One. I immediately told him I don't really eat raw fish and rice but he said, "don't worry!" With that cryptic advice I just shuddered and ... [Read More]

Sweet Lady Jane

After a healthy lunch at Lemonade we deserved the best unhealthy cakes and sweets Los Angeles can offer and that's at Sweet Lady Jane. If Sweet Lady Jane sounds familiar to you it's because they made the wedding cake of Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi. I was really full from ... [Read More]

Healthy Lunch at Lemonade

My cousin-in-law Mary knows all the best places to eat at in Los Angeles. She also knew I was on a diet and was interested in healthier options. In spite of my cousin Sidney's objection we went to Lemonade in Brentwood.I've never been to Brentwood before and it looked like a very charming place to ... [Read More]