Midori Sushi Ginza 美登利寿司

Whenever I go to Japan I always wonder where do locals go for good, affordable sushi? I finally found one place in Ginza that answered my question. ... [Read More]

Little Pie Company

Before going to the United States I promised myself I will ease up a little with my diet. I was allowing myself to eat cookies, scones, cornbread and apple pie. I did research where I could find the best apple pie and Little Pie Company in New York City kept popping up. So after lunch at Ping ... [Read More]

Dim Sum Lunch at Ping Seafood Restaurant

For our last meal in New York City we had dim sum in Chinatown with my cousins Virgil and Jerome. The special dishes looked really good but we stuck to regular dim sum. The dim sum was just average. The ones at Jin Fong were a lot better. BBQ pork puff pastry shrimp ... [Read More]

Dinner at DGBG Kitchen & Bar

I know I promised a post on Hong Kong Disneyland but I had hundreds of pictures to sort and edit so I'll just continue with my trip to New York City last November. I've always wanted to try the food of Daniel Boulud so I checked the menus of all his 8 establishments in New York. DGBG Kitchen and ... [Read More]

911 Memorial

The highlight of my trip to New York City last November 2011 was a visit to the 911 Memorial. After lunch at Peter Luger we went straight to the site. We got there 30 minutes before our scheduled time so the females in our group decided to go shopping at Century21.  Going to Century21 on the ... [Read More]

Lunch at Peter Luger Steak House

I've heard so much about Peter Luger Steak House over the years but I never had the desire to eat there since I wasn't much of a steak eater.  It was only when I started my Cohen diet last year and was forced to eat more meat instead of my favorite carbs that I learned to enjoy steak. Now I actually ... [Read More]

Bouchon Bakery at Rockefeller Center

We were on a vacation so we had a slow start on our 2nd day in New York City. After having the free buffet breakfast at the Residence Inn we walked along 5th Avenue towards Rockefeller Center. The weather was nice and cool and perfect for a leisurely stroll. New York Public Library I ... [Read More]

Han Bat Restaurant

We had an early dinner at 5:30 at Eataly. That plus a couple of hours of shopping and our stomachs were grumbling already. So with the help of Yelp we found Han Bat Restaurant. There were several Korean restaurants near our hotel since Koreatown was at 32nd Street between Fifth Avenue and ... [Read More]

Holiday Shopping in New York CIty

It was Black Friday and I was in New York City. And there's only one thing more I had to do before I call it a day, shopping!! After an early dinner at Eataly we took a cab straight to Uniqlo on 34th street. My two cousins have never heard of Uniqlo because they live in Virginia so I introduced ... [Read More]

Eataly, NYC

The first on my list of "must go" places in New York was Eataly. As soon as we dropped off our bags at Residence Inn in Times Square and took a quick detour in Bryant Park we walked 17 blocks to Eataly. The mozarepa must have given us renewed energy to walk so far. We went in through the gelato ... [Read More]