Dinner at Tapella Restaurant


Last weekend has been good for my blog but very bad for my diet. Last night the same group who ate at Yedang decided to eat out again. I suggested Tapella in Greenbelt 5 since I love paella and wanted to try their manchego paella. I didn’t know Tapella was owned by Gaudi. The place […]

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Healthy non-fat good ice cream?


  The picture above is banana ice cream made with only frozen bananas and nothing else! According to the kitchn all you need to do is freeze some bananas  then puree them in a blender or food processor until it’s smooth and gooey. This I’ve got to try.  It’s perfect when you still have a […]

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Yedang Korean Restaurant again


I’ve been on a diet for a week now. I only ate a small chicken pie for breakfast and a pb&j sandwich for lunch today. By 5 pm I was so hungry already. I was about to cook dinner when Rochelle called and asked if I wanted to eat at Yedang Korean restaurant. I immediately […]

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Vera Electric Kettle by Casa Bugatti


I love to drink tea. I collect all kinds of tea from the tea bag kind, sleep teas, fruit teas and exotic loose leaf white tea from China. I also collect really thin glass tea pots and cups. But I use a plastic kettle I bought from Makro for P600 or $12 to boil water. […]

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Jollibee Chicken Barbecue


I saw this sign outside Jollibee Greenhills right across V-mall. That means Jollibee new product is out. After all the ads teasing us, today we learn it’s Jollibee Chicken Barbecue, a welcome addition for the health conscious eaters who think there are no healthy options in fastfood restaurants. The menu board is full of chicken […]

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Dinner at Choi Garden


We had a special dinner at Choi Garden last Saturday to welcome the 2 grandsons of our host who came home for a short vacation and a break from their studies in the US. Naturally we had to let them try our favorite Chinese restaurant, Choi Garden. Some of the dishes here were also featured […]

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PicPosterous for iPhone


I read about PicPosterous in Tuaw, The Unofficial Apple Weblog. The free iPhone app PicPosterous is for the newest blogging platform called Posterous. Using Posterous is the easiest way to start your own blog. There’s no signing up, choosing your blog theme, customizing lay-out, uploading pictures, etc. It took me quite some time to set […]

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Tech Support Cheat Sheet


This is for my parents and all those who think they are technically challenged and find the need to call me. click to enlarge via Gizomodo

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Fantastic Russian Art Cakes


Below are cakes which can be eaten in their entirety. No plastics or any artificial materials are used – everything is edible. All of the cakes were made by Zhanna of St. Petersburg , Russia

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Lunch Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli


Rochelle and I had a chance to try the lunch buffet at Paul Calvin’s deli located at the Fort. It’s located at the ground floor of Forbeswoods Heights. The deli products were sparse the day we were there. The ground floor was small with only a few tables. The bigger second floor was where the […]

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