What’s Hot at SOS – Boy Bawang Cornick


This is the latest addition to the snacks I sell in my store, Small Office Solutions. Cornick is simply fried corn kernels. In the USA it’s known as CornNuts. Boy Bawang (garlic boy) is one of the most popular brands of cornick in Manila. They specialize in garlic flavors but now they have more flavors […]

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Lunch at Mann Hann


We had lunch at Mann Hann yesterday. Thank goodness the service was fast because I couldn’t wait to get home and watch President Cory’s funeral on TV. On the flip side there’s a big disadvantage to fast service. All the food came out at the same time. We were overwhelmed and didn’t know what to […]

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Poor Gloria


Monjie emailed me this picture. Someone’s gonna lose their job at the manila bulletin

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Kris Aquino’s final message to her mom, President Cory Aquino


I cried buckets when I watched this. It was a very touching farewell that Kris delivered during the final mass at the Manila Cathedral on August 5, 2009. It was a very emotional day for us Filipinos as we stayed glued to the TV the whole day watching the funeral cortege from the Manila Cathedral […]

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The Eulogy of Conrado de Quiros for President Corazon Aquino

One good personBy Conrado de Quiros I’ve written a good many things about Cory this past couple of weeks. I guess it’s time I got a little more personal. I wasn’t an ardent fan of Cory at the beginning, I was an ardent critic. I came from the ranks of the red rather than the […]

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The Philippines is one of the biggest exporters of bananas. We have several varieties of bananas and some of them are best eaten fried, boiled or transformed into sweet snacks. I’ve already featured banana chips which are found worldwide. Pinasugbo is a less common form of fried bananas which comes from Bacolod City, the capital […]

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In lieu of flowers By Conrado de Quiros


The author of this article was an ardent critic of former President Corazon Aquino. He gave a very touching eulogy yesterday at the necrological service at the Manila Cathedral. Theres The RubIn lieu of flowers By Conrado de QuirosPhilippine Daily InquirerFirst Posted 00:43:00 08/03/2009 Even as our eyes moisten, we see things more clearly than […]

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Pan de Manila


If there’s such a thing as a national bread then it’s pandesal for the Philippines. Pandesal is the most popular bread in the Philippines. It can be found in any corner bakery to specialty chains like Pan de Manila. Pan de Manila’s pandesal are baked daily inside old-style brick ovens or “pugon”. Pandesal used to […]

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Pantry Favorites – Crunchy Chili Garlic Oil


This is my favorite condiment. It has a permanent place on our dinner table. There are several brands selling bottled garlic but this is the only one that’s steeped in oil and remains crunchy forever. This is what I always bring my friends and relatives when I go to the United States. Becky’s Kitchen’s Crunchy […]

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Breakfast Spotlight – Yogurt with Cereal, Cranberries and Honey


This is what I’ve been eating for breakfast for the past 2 weeks. Elizabeth and Rochelle told me to buy plain, unsweetened yogurt instead of the fruity yogurt I always buy because it’s healthier. So when I saw this low fat creamy yogurt from the Rizal Dairy Farms stall in Market! Market! I bought a […]

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