Birthday Lunch at Choi Garden


There’s a tradition in our small office that the birthday celebrant brings food to the office on their birthday. This year everyone requested that I treat them at Choi Garden restaurant since they keep seeing the food on my blog. So their wish is my command. I ordered all my favorites since I knew they […]

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Winnie Monsod analyzes GMA’s huge costs on her trips abroad

Gotta love Winnie!

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Typhoon Ondoy flood relief operations – pictures & videos


This is the true spirit of the Filipinos. See the bayanihan spirit in action. I’m so proud of my alma mater, Ateneo de Manila for the tremendous work they are doing now. I just keep thinking of all these plastic bags being used for the relief goods and hope they will be disposed of properly. […]

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Typhoon Ondoy – the aftermath

These videos show the full devastation the typhoon brought to our country. We urge everyone to help out. Details on how you help can be found here. Cars toppled like blocks

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Shopping for relief goods for the flood victims


Yesterday I went to Makro for my weekly shopping for my store, SOS. What I saw there touched my heart. There were almost no push carts available and the lines were long. Majority of the people in the lines were buying food and supplies to be donated to the victims of the flooding caused by […]

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How to help the flood victims of typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines


These are some of the shocking and heart wrenching videos of the recent floods that hit Manila on September 26, 2009 . Most were taken by ordinary citizens who shot the videos of the scenes happening around them. These pictures are closer to home. These were taken by the adventurous Salva brothers and posted on […]

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A baby dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies

This baby just can’t help himself. He’s got the beat! This is so cute and funny.

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Birthday Dinner at Home


The other day I posted a preview of the ingredients for the party I was hosting. Here are the pictures of last night’s dinner. I informed my friends that dinner was at 7:00 pm. Janet was the first to arrive and the last group arrived at 8:30. They all informed me the traffic was horrible […]

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Dinner at Jenny’s House


We recently had a mini potluck to celebrate our own birthdays at Jenny’s new house. We usually treat each other but since everyone was busy (that’s their excuse) we decided to celebrate together. Vivian’s birthday was in April, Jenny in August and me in September. Their kids meet up once a year too. Girls, we […]

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Just for Laughs – Special talents of Amy G

Another facebook find. It’s kinda gross but really funny. I wonder how she discovered this talent.

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