In search for the best Sapin Sapin


Sapin sapin (steamed coconut layer pudding) is made from glutinous rice or rice flour, coconut milk, ube (purple yam), cassava, and food coloring. Doing entries on Filipino desserts this week made me realize that most of our native desserts are rice based like puto, kutsinta and bibingka.Sapin Sapin is a complex dessert with several layers […]

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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

What a fun, fun wedding entrance!! Recreated on The Today Show.

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Bibingka & Pastillas


Bibingka is another favorite Filipino treat made from rice. It’s somehow related to puto but it’s very different in taste and texture. It’s made with galapong, glutinous rice soaked in water then ground with the water to form the batter. The batter is poured into a mold lined with banana leaves and baked in a […]

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Super cute kid dancing to the Wonder Girls

I don’t know who the Wonder Girls are but I loved this video of a 4 yr. old kid copying their dance to a T. Even the sexy moves! This was shown in the same TV show in South Korea that first featured Charice. Maybe we’ll see this kid in Ellen next? This is the […]

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Hot Pot at Choi Garden Restaurant


It was raining non-stop last Friday when Deb texted me if I wanted to have lunch with her. She wanted to eat hot pot so I suggested Choi Garden restaurant. Yes Choi again. Choi Garden is THE all in one Chinese restaurant that serves dimsum all day, ala carte, lauriat and hot pot. To those […]

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White Box

A very nice and artistic video. Unbelievable talent! White Box from makoto yabuki on Vimeo. Production : TANGRAM co. ltd. Director : Makoto Yabuki Camera : Masashi Sasaki Music : Takaya Murakami

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Dinelli Gourmet


I just discovered a new deli, restaurant and wine cellar in Makati’s Bonifacio Global City or what I still call The Fort. Dinelli Gourmet is not new. They opened their first branch in Timog, Quezon City last year. But since I hardly go to that area I never knew of Dinelli’s existence until they opened […]

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Michael Jackson Dance Tribute – STOCKHOLM

I really liked this video specially how the dance started with just one person and kept adding and adding til there was a big group dancing as one.

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In search for the best Puto


Puto is steamed rice cake and it’s a very popular snack or dessert in the Philippines. You can eat it on its own or paired with savory or sweet dishes. There are many kinds of puto and these are just some the more popular ones. This is the more traditional type of puto commonly found […]

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Michael Jackson’s unreleased song – A Place With No Name

The song — “A Place with No Name” — sounds similar to the song “A Horse with No Name” released by the group America back in 1971. We’re told several years ago America’s manager gave his group’s permission for Jackson to record the song, “A Place with No Name” — despite the similarity. America’s current […]

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