My Labs


I featured my pomeranians before and my labradors before I had them neutered. Father and son labs were both Alpha males and kept fighting so the doctor told me the only way was to have them both neutered to lessen their aggressive behavior. He did warn me that the effect was for them to gain […]

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Dinner at Cafe Juanita


Entering Cafe Juanita for the first time is like going to your grandmother’s house. Your grandmother who doesn’t get rid of any of her possessions, treasures, antiques and even junk. Your grandmother who insists of displaying everything in every nook and cranny in the whole house. Some say it’s charming I say it gives me […]

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Welcome dinner for Pat


Last Sunday Deb hosted a welcome home dinner for our friend Pat who finally came home from Florida after more than 10 years of living in the USA. Yes folks she’s back for good. The theme for dinner was Filipino food. Deb took out her magic address book and ordered a wonderful gut busting meal. […]

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Dinner at Amici Greenhills


Since Amici was bought by the former owners of Red Ribbon from the Salesians of Don Bosco they’ve gone on an expansion boom. They’ve improved on the menu and the restaurant’s interiors while maintaining and even improving on the taste of the food. We went there on Friday, May 8 one day after they opened. […]

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Travel Essentials


I’m going to Perth and Margaret River in Western Australia and Singapore next week with friends. Do you have any suggestions on where to eat so I can feature them on my blog? Please write them on the comments area. Since those 2 countries have different plugs from the Philippines I had to buy some […]

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Lunch at Aubergine


When I heard we were eating lunch at Aubergine at the Fort I did some online research on the restaurants’ reviews. There were as many rave reviews as there were negative rants. So I was a bit wary on what to expect. The place was bigger than I expected. private function room the huge impressive […]

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Cakes & Bakes

cakes & bakes-10-774382

Cakes & Bakes has been in Cherry Foodarama forever! They have several kinds of bread and cake rolls. They even sell garlic peanuts. I haven’t been to Cherry in a long time. It was the first time I noticed the several varieties of cakes that looked good and didn’t cost much. So I decided to […]

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Hotshots Burgers


For me Hotshots flame-grilled burgers is the best fast food burger I’ve ever eaten in Manila or the USA. I like it even better than In-n-Out and Five Guys. It’a definitely better than Sango burger. Their burgers are all beef and are well seasoned. I like putting Knorr liquid seasoning on my cooked burger if […]

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Hong Kong Food Finds – Mochi Cream


I discovered Mochi Cream when I was wandering around Sogo. Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice. Mochi cream takes the regular mochi to another level by adding several Western and Asian flavors to its line-up. all their flavors These are only for display. When you order a mochi they take it from […]

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New York Fries in Hong Kong


I won’t make any apologies. I love french fries. I didn’t use to love fries until my nephew Ethan came to Manila and introduced me to fries. Ethan LOVED fries and had to have it everyday. So everytime he had fries from the fast food, restaurants and hotels I’d take a few pieces to help […]

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