Pantry Favorites – Alavar Bagoong Gata


Bagoong is shrimp paste. It’s a common ingredient or condiment in the Philippines. Several countries in South East Asia also have their own versions of shrimp paste. In the Philippines we use bagoong for our famous dishes like kare kare (ox tail peanut stew), binagoongang baboy (pork with bagoong) and pinakbet (vegetables with bagoong) to […]

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JK Divorce Entrance Dance

Someone just had to make a parody of the famous dance. We’ve all seen the JK Wedding Dance. Now let’s see what happens 6 months later!

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Michelle’s Sana Banana Chips


I never ate banana chips because I knew they were thick, hard and sweet. Then a friend gave me a big bag of banana chips from Michelle’s, the same maker of my favorite putong ube. 350 grams pouch P70 500 grams bag P80 These banana chips are thin, crisp and lightly glazed. They are wonderful […]

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Gloria meets Barack for dinner

Here’s a funny commercial from the Philippines with actors spoofing President Gloria Arroyo and President Barack Obama. President Barack Obama has dinner at the MalacaΓ±ang and is fed too much Filipino fare, from kare-kare thats oks (ox for the ox tail used in kare-kare) to guinataang mais thats corn. Trying to be polite, Obama tries […]

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Lunch at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Elbert's cheesesteak-15 (1)

In spite of our crazy schedule today, Elisa and I trooped to Rockwell just to eat at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches. We had to redeem our miserable lunch the other day at Charlie’s Grind and Grill.Β  We wanted to compare Elbert’s cheesesteak against Charlie’s. menu on the wall cute espresso maker! catsup, mayo and mustard handwritten […]

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The Difference between Westerners and Asians


Found this in my inbox. To group all races of Asians as one is to overgeneralize. Asian races are more diverse than the Caucasians, i.e. Indians differ from the Chinese in most respects. Key:Β Blue –> Westerners Red –> Asians (1) Opinion Westerners: Talk to the point Asians: Talk around the circle, especially if opinions are […]

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Uncle George Gourmet Bread


After Lartizan,where I buy my favorite sourdough rye bread, Uncle George Gourmet Bread is my next favorite bread source. I don’t buy it often because it’s not readily available in the supermarkets I frequent. I have to go to Greenhills Shopping Center tiangge’s (bargain center) food section to buy it. They also have a permanent […]

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Lunch at Charlie’s Grind and Grill


I’ve read about Charlie’s Grind and Grill from several food blogs. They all raved about the Angus burger and cheese steak sandwich. So have a lot of people in forums. I decided to finally try it this afternoon after some grocery shopping at Pioneer Center Supermarket which was nearby. Charlie’s is located right beside a […]

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Why we use a Mac

I totally agree with this video!

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Emirates Airbus 380 pictures


These pictures of Emirates new Airbus 380 leaves me speechless! From Friday, the Emirates Airline’s first class passengers on board the new superjumbo A380 Airbus will be able to indulge in ‘shower spas’. But they will be limited to a five-minute dousing to ensure that all 14 first class passengers can enjoy the luxury. For […]

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