Uncle George Gourmet Bread


After Lartizan,where I buy my favorite sourdough rye bread, Uncle George Gourmet Bread is my next favorite bread source. I don’t buy it often because it’s not readily available in the supermarkets I frequent. I have to go to Greenhills Shopping Center tiangge’s (bargain center) food section to buy it. They also have a permanent […]

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Lunch at Charlie’s Grind and Grill


I’ve read about Charlie’s Grind and Grill from several food blogs. They all raved about the Angus burger and cheese steak sandwich. So have a lot of people in forums. I decided to finally try it this afternoon after some grocery shopping at Pioneer Center Supermarket which was nearby. Charlie’s is located right beside a […]

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Why we use a Mac

I totally agree with this video!

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Emirates Airbus 380 pictures


These pictures of Emirates new Airbus 380 leaves me speechless! From Friday, the Emirates Airline’s first class passengers on board the new superjumbo A380 Airbus will be able to indulge in ‘shower spas’. But they will be limited to a five-minute dousing to ensure that all 14 first class passengers can enjoy the luxury. For […]

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What’s on my iPod Touch/iPhone?


I currently use an iPod Touch 2G with OS 3 but I recently took the plunge and reserved an iPhone 3GS from Globe Telecom, the Philippine’s exclusive carrier. Since I’m already familiar with the apps, tips and tricks for the iPod Touch I won’t have a hard time transitioning to the iPhone. So I dedicate […]

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Dinner at Yedang Korean BBQ Restaurant


I recently had a mini reunion with some HS classmates. We decided to have dinner at Yedang Korean BBQ restaurant which my friend Len Len highly recommended. Another friend Tisay also said it was good. This is what Yedang looks like from the fly-over. It’s where Minggoy’s and Brother’s Burger used to be. It’s near […]

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Honda Accord Commercial

This ad is 3 years old but I just saw it today when a friend emailed it to me. I found it fascinating so I’m sharing it here. If you thought that the people who set up a room full of dominoes to have them knocked over later was amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet…There […]

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Pantry Favorites – Bottled Tuyo


I’m starting a series called Pantry Favorites. These are my favorite Filipino products that I always keep in stock in my pantry. Today it’s San Sebastian’s Dried Herring (Tuyo) with garlic in olive oil. Herring fish is salted and dried under the sun that’s why it’s called Tuyo (dried) in Filipino. Tuyo is then fried […]

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Quick Roast Chicken & Potatoes

Gwyneth cooks! Looks easy and good.

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In search for the best Sapin Sapin


Sapin sapin (steamed coconut layer pudding) is made from glutinous rice or rice flour, coconut milk, ube (purple yam), cassava, and food coloring. Doing entries on Filipino desserts this week made me realize that most of our native desserts are rice based like puto, kutsinta and bibingka.Sapin Sapin is a complex dessert with several layers […]

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