Last meal in Hong Kong at Chuk Yuen


After nearly 2 weeks in Hong Kong it was time to go back home to Manila. We will miss the cool weather and the fantastic food. Time to diet and hit the gym full blast.There’s was no question where we would eat lunch and our last meal in Hong Kong. We wanted to eat the […]

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Dinner at Wu Kong


We previously had a dim sum lunch at Wu Kong. This night we had dinner to continue Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. Take note all the food below fed 8 people and the servings weren’t very big. Everything was so good it was all devoured to the last bit. The first four dishes are popular hot and […]

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Lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 2


We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday at our favorite French restaurant in Hong Kong. The last time we ate here I was so impressed with the food. Again I wasn’t dissapointed. I dedicate this entry to my cousin, Yaj who dreams of eating at Robuchon. This restaurant has the best selection of bread ever! I don’t normally […]

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Dinner at Hang Heung 2


We love Hang Heung so much that when our friends came to Hong Kong we had to eat there again. And since there were 7 of us we were able to order more food. Needless to say everything was yummy. combination of roasted goose& honeyed barbecued pork HK$78 This giant pot of congee is the […]

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Lunch at Caprice 2


The last time we ate at Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong was last January and it was the 1st entry in my blog. So hopefully you can see an improvement in the pictures.Caprice is one of the best French restaurants in Hong Kong. But for us it’s always a hit or […]

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Dinner at Moon Chiu Restaurant

moon chiew prawn & crab ball

We trekked over to Whampoa Garden to have dinner w/ Tisay at Moon Chiu restaurant which serves Chiuchow cuisine. Chiuchow or Teochew cuisine isn’t as popular in Hong Kong as it is in Singapore or Taiwan. There aren’t that many that I know of in Hong Kong. These fried balls are served with a sweet, […]

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Lunch at Hutong 2


I’m glad I had a chance to eat at Hutong again because the last time we ate there I didn’t bring my camera and had to use my lousy cellphone camera.Hutong is a very popular and pricey restaurant. It’s no. 9 in the Miele guide to Asia’s Top 20 restaurants for 2008/2009. Their food is […]

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Dinner at Macau Chinese Restaurant


A friend told us about this restaurant. We didn’t even know there was another Macau restaurant in the area. He said the specialty was the chicken with durian. Nope not trying that. We were pleasantly surprised with the nice ambiance. shark’s fin soup Macau baked eel HK$78(acc. to the menu it’s baked but it came […]

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Lunch at Spring Deer Restaurant


Of all the restaurants in Hong Kong, Spring Deer is my most favorite. It should be since I’ve been going there for more than 20 years. Spring Deer has been open in the same location since 1969. It’s a landmark in Hong Kong. It’s also a favorite destination of tourists from Manila, Japan and the […]

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Dinner at Jimmy’s Kitchen

Jimmy's Kitchen corned beef

Jimmy’s Kitchen has been operating in Hong Kong for 80 years. And I haven’t eaten there in 20 years. We needed a change from all the Chinese food we’ve been eating so we decided to try it. Overall the food was perfectly cooked. No wonder they’re still in business after all these years. The caesar […]

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