Tokyo Coffee Trail


Next to dark chocolate and cookies my favorite treat is coffee. Whenever I go to countries popular for coffee I make it a point to try as many places as I can. I went on a coffee binge in San Francisco, Melbourne, New Zealand (not yet posted) and Tokyo.

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Tokyo: Shinjuku Food Finds

Max Brenner's OMG Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie-002

When we were planning where to stay in Tokyo we were choosing over Shinjuku or Ginza and asked several friends their opinions. Most said Shinjuku but a couple swore by Ginza’s more quiet area so that’s where we went. We did go to Shinjuku a couple of times and got lost getting out of the […]

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Tokyo: Fuunji Tsukemen Ramen

Fu-unji Tsukemen-013

When you search for the best ramen in Tokyo, Fuunji appears in most lists. This small eatery in Shinjuku is very popular for its tsukumen style ramen. 

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Tokyo: Sushi Yoshitake

Sushi Yoshitake - Chutoro (medium fat tuna)-002

As a newbie sushi eater I was determined to try some of the best Japan has to offer. I emailed my hotel’s concierge with the names Saito, Sawada and Yoshitake to see which ones she can get me a reservation to. She was successful with Yoshitake (3 Michelin stars) and I was happy. 

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Tokyo: Yoroniku よろにく


I didn’t want to eat only ramen and tonkatsu in Tokyo so I planned different kinds of meals as much as possible. My friend Jin highly recommended this restaurant for our meat meal. 

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Tokyo: Tempura Tsunahachi

Tsunahachi Ginza- Clam Tempura-002

Just like my previous post Tsunahachi is also located at the top floor of a department store, Matsuya in Ginza. Tsunahachi is very popular for their tempura. Even though tempura isn’t my favorite Japanese food I wanted to try the difference with the tempura in Manila. 

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Tokyo: Choutoku (長徳) Udon

Choutoku Udon Ginza- Hot Udon and Tempura ¥1,980-001

I have a tip for those going to Japan. When you don’t know where to eat go to the top floor of departments stores and you will find a lot of restaurants to choose from. I noticed this in both Tokyo and Osaka.

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Tokyo: Chirashi and Uni at Tsukiji Market part 2

Tsukiji Market - Uni-011

There’s so much to see and eat at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo that my two posts cover just a small portion. Asides from brunch at Sushi Bun I also had two more meals at the market. 

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Tokyo: There’s more to Tsukiji Market than waking up early part 1

Tsukiji Market- Torched shellfish-004

If you’re like me the first thought of Tsukiji Market is that you have to wake up very early to go there. You do have to be there at 5:00 am if you want to watch the fish auction. If not you can go there any time of the day although a lot of places close around […]

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Tokyo: Sushi Bun (鮨文) at Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market - Sushi Bun-017

On our second day in Tokyo we walked to Tsukiji Market to have sushi for brunch. We went around 9:00 am.

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