Duck and Buvette’s 1st Anniversary

Duck and Buvette - Duck Confit

Contrary to popular opinion I don’t really eat out that often. When I do go out I like trying out new restaurants. I’ve eaten in several restaurants once and only a few restaurants get a repeat. I’ve eaten in Duck and Buvette about 4 times already so you know it’s on my go-to restaurant list. It’s a […]

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Inagiku’s Set Lunch

Inagiku Set Lunch

Just like a lot of people I go to Inagiku at Shangri-La Makati on Sunday for their excellent buffet. It was only because my friend was craving for sukiyaki that we went on a weekday and I discovered their set lunch menu.

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Instagram Food Finds

Frozen Weekends

A lot of times I post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and don’t blog about it anymore. I realize not everyone has social media accounts and it’s hard to look for pictures that you want to find again. That’s why I posting some new food finds that deserve to be shared on this blog.  […]

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Fabulous Desserts at Las Flores

Las Flores - Churros

My friend Rizette chose Las Flores to treat us for her birthday. The last time I ate there was in 2013 so I was eager to see if there were improvements. 

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A Worthy Promo at Lugang Cafe


We haven’t been to Lugang Cafe in ages. A friend told my dad that there were new dishes so we had lunch there last Sunday. Instead of ordering new dishes we ordered a feast for 4 for only P1,999. How could anyone resist such a good deal?

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Karen’s Kitchen in Kapitolyo

Karen's Kitchen Kapitolyo-006

I’ve always been a fan of Karen’s Kitchen cakes. My favorites are her Green Tea Layer Cake and Chocolate Ganache Cake. When I heard she opened a restaurant in Kapitolyo I immediately went to try it out.

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New Treats from Osaka Osho and Wee Nam Kee

Beef Sukiyaki-001

Osaka Ohsho in a Sukiyaki State of Mind This Rainy Season! Japan’s reknowned β€œKing of Gyoza”, has a lot more to offer than their famous steamed & pan seared Japanese dumplings. This rainy season, Osaka Ohsho is in a Sukiyaki State of Mind with their NEW Sukiyaki Festival bannering two all NEW Sukiyaki variants each […]

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Nadal Fujisoba at BGC

Nadai Fujisoba

You can’t deny the strong presence of Japanese food in Manila. There’s so many Japanese ramen franchises in the city that we don’t have to travel far for a big bowl of hot noodles. I’m more of an udon and soba fan and I’m so happy that there is now specialty soba restaurant in BGC.  Nadai […]

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FAT Restaurant

Fat Restaurant- FAT Poutine

I know what you’re thinking but this restaurant wasn’t named after me. FAT is a new restaurant in Burgos Circle helmed by Chef Kel Zaguirre of Locavore. I promise you won’t get fat after one meal but I’m pretty sure you will leave the restaurant with a full tummy and big smile on your face.

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Aussie Food at Bondi&Bourke

Bondi&Bourke- Lamingtons

Each time I’ve gone to Australia I’ve asked, “What is Aussie food?” I never got a direct answer but I know they love burgers and meat pies done the Aussie way. If you want to try Aussie food for yourself head on to the newly opened Bondi&Bourke in Makati. 

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