Food Intolerance Test at Hi-Precision Diagnostics

Chef Jessie Cod Fillet

Recently I went to Hi-Preciscion Diagnostics at Rockwell to have a blood test. It wasn’t my usual test for cholesterol, sugar, uric acid. It was a food intolerance test. 

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It’s my blog’s 6th anniversary!


  Happy birthday to my blog!! How time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I would blog about anything and everything. 

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Osaka: Manneken, Cakes, & Cheeza

Daniel Canelé

This is my final post for my trip to Osaka. Manneken Belgian waffles are very popular with locals and tourists in Osaka and Tokyo. There’s always a queue whenever I pass by the branch at the Osaka JR station. 

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Osaka: Depachika (Food Wonderland)

Fruits in whipped cream sandwich

If you’re planning a trip to Japan you MUST include a trip to a depachika. Depa what? Depachika is my Disneyland. It’s the food hall at the basement of large department stores. 

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Osaka: Okonomiyaki at Negiyaki Yamamoto

Negiyaki Yamamoto Umeda Est-ten

I purposely didn’t reserve any restaurant for our last night in Osaka. It gave us a chance to walk around Umeda where our hotel was located. It was funny that all our previous meals were located in Namba when there were so many restaurants in Umeda too. 

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Osaka: Kigawa Asai

Kigawa Asai, Osaka

When planning for my trip to Osaka I knew I wanted to eat in a traditional kappo ryori which means sitting around a counter with the chefs behind it cooking meticulous dishes, slicing sashimi and preparing multiple courses. 

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Osaka: Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M

Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M- Here (tenderloin) and M Tokusen Rosu (rib eye) ¥2,500-001

When I research hotels to stay in abroad I check tripadvisor for reviews and pictures. I thought of checking for restaurants too and it showed Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M as the number 2 restaurant in Osaka. It was actually number one when I did my research. I figured so many people can’t be wrong. 

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Osaka: Endo Sushi ゑんどう寿司

中央市場 ゑんどう Endo Sushi

 When I was doing research on where to eat in Osaka finding a good sushi place was on top of the list. Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is famous for its sushi so I thought of looking for Osaka’s wholesale fish market. That’s where I found Endo Sushi which was very highly recommended on the reviews I […]

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Osaka: Umekita Cellar

Umekita Cellar - Creperie Le Beurre Noisette-004

I’ve been negligent on my posts on Osaka with holidays and mini vacations. Here’s the continuation and I hope to fast track it so I can start on my Tokyo posts. 

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Amigas Christmas Party 2014

Pepita's Lechon

Before people left for abroad and all the company and family parties were scheduled my friends and I had our own party at my friend’s house. This year like previous years the catering was by Deli de San Honore.  

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