An open letter to all the CARBS I’ve loved in 2014

Brown Butter Desserts- Chocolate Five Textures Cake-001

To all the CARBS I’ve loved in 2014, I’m writing to you because as much as I loved you (you obviously loved me more since you stayed in my perfectly rounded huge belly and refused to leave) we must part ways in 2015. Let me give you a final tribute and let me relive the […]

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I’m Back!!!

San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge-001

In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in a long time it’s because I was in the USA for a brief two week vacation with my friends. If you haven’t seen my photo updates in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter let me show you a preview of what I ate and where I went. […]

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Toki Japanese Restaurant – Kaiseki

Toki Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining - Sushi

Normally when I receive a text message from a credit card company I usually just take a glance at it and delete it. This time the offer of American Express for a kaiseki course at Toki Japanese restaurant was quite interesting and I thought it was a good deal. 

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Osaka: Jin Yakiniku

Jin Yakiniku

When I was planning our trip to Tokyo I asked my friend Jin what restaurants she recommended and she immediately suggested her namesake. We took a taxi to this place and almost couldn’t find it but thanks to Jin’s pictures we found it.

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Osaka: UCC Cafe Plaza, Animate, Doutour

Nihonbashi (Den Den Town)-003

It was fun walking and eating at Kuromon Ichiba Market but it was quite warm in Osaka in June so we were parched and in need of coffee and refreshments.  The obvious answer to our needs was the UCC Cafe Plaza right across the entrance of the market. 

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Osaka: Kuromon Ichiba Market

Kuromon Ichiba Market

 From Dotonburi we walked a couple of blocks to Kuromon Ichiba Market, a must visit for foodies like me. My most important tip to those who will go to this market is to go HUNGRY. There are so many things to eat and buy. 

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Osaka: Takoyaki at Dotonburi

Dotonbori- Takoyaki-008

On our second day in Osaka we went to Dotonburi to walk around the area and try some of Osaka’s famous takoyaki (octopus snack).

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Osaka: Kinno-Kura Jr. ( 金の蔵Jr.)

金の蔵Jr. Kinno Kura Jr.  Bloomin' Onion

Since we arrived at night, got lost looking for the hotel and checked in to Intercontinental Osaka we walked around the area to look for a place to eat. We chanced upon a building of restaurants in the Chayamachi area so we went in and chose something that had nice pictures. 

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Osaka: Intercontinental Osaka Hotel

Intercontinental Osaka Hotel-040

When planning a trip to Osaka the first thing you have to decide is which area to stay in? The choices are Namba (Southern downtown) or Umeda (Northern downtown). My travel agent informed me that Namba is more popular with tourists from Manila. We chose Umeda because my friend wanted to stay in Intercontinental Osaka Hotel. 

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Osaka: Philippine Airlines MNL-KIX-MNL

Pal A330-300 - Manok sa Tanglad-002

  Last June my friend texted me if I wanted to go to Osaka. I didn’t have a visa yet and the trip was in less than a week. I said yes and quickly applied for a visa which I luckily got in 3 days. I was surprised how fast and easy it was to get […]

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