Quick Tour of Melbourne CBD

When I went to Melbourne last March with my friends we stayed in the Central Business District. An advantage to staying in the CBD is the Queen Victoria Market and you can basically just walk and walk and see a lot of the tourist attractions. 

There are several colleges and universities in Melbourne and one that caught my eyes were the numerous campuses of the RMIT University.  Each building was unique and quite eye catching.

RMIT Building 80 - College of Business-001

RMIT Building 80 – College of Business

RMIT Building 80 - College of Business

RMIT Info Corner

RMIT Info Corner

RMIT University, City campus

RMIT University, City campus


All around the city there were attractive bike racks.

bike rack in Melbourne


a man playing the didgeridoo


We weren’t even in Chinatown yet and there were alread many Chinese restaurants. Even Gong Cha was quite popular. The smallest sized drink at Gong Cha cost around A$4.50 or P185 or double Manila’s price.

Chinese restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne Chinatown


Melbourne City Baths used to be a public bath house which opened in 1860. Before only the rich had bathrooms in their homes and people used to take their weekly bath in Port Phillip Bay or the Yarra River. When the river became polluted the City Bath was built. Now the historical building is health and fitness center. 

Melbourne City Baths

Melbourne City Baths

Drummond Street Terrace Houses

Drummond Street Terrace Houses


Melbourne Central is one of my favorite malls.

Melbourne Central shopping centre

Melbourne Central shopping centre


Melbourne has a very efficient tram network which we rode to the Docklands.

Melbourne tram

Melbourne tram-001

 The interiors of the tram were different depending on which line you took. 

Melboure Trams


Melbourne Docklands is a unique waterfront development in the heart of Melbourne, located on the spectacular Victoria Harbour and three kilometres of Yarra River frontage.

With seven kilometres of waterfront promenades, urban art, stunning architecture, historic and contemporary buildings, state-of-the-art marinas, stylish waterfront restaurants, cosy bars and active waterways, Docklands has plenty to offer.

Covering 190 hectares of land and water, Docklands precincts offers a dynamic blend of residential, commercial, retail and leisure components. source 



The Sealight Pavilion was constructed as a joint effort over 14 weeks in 2011. It consists of two volumes: a tower and a cantilever, made entirely from locally-sourced, reclaimed cypress wood via Australian Reclaimed Timbers. A public, habitable sculpture, it offers a tranquil space from which to visitors can gaze out on Melbourne’s scenic harbor.

While the tower offers a secluded space to stare at the sky, the cantilever leans framing the sea like a picture. Designed for contemplating the passage of time, the structures themselves also change like if they were alive. The golden color of the reclaimed wood has been turned into a beautiful light silvery-grey that blends in with the maritime surroundings. source

Sealight Pavilion, Docklands, Melbourne

Sealight Pavilion

Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium


This iconic sculpture by John Kelly is made of 5 tonnes of patinated bronze and was originally installed in Docklands in Feb 2001.

Cow Up A Tree, Docklands, Melbourne

Cow Up A Tree, Docklands


We honestly didn’t talk about our color choice. It just happened. 

amigas in Melbourne

National Australia Bank headquarters Docklands Melbourne

National Australia Bank headquarters


Another option to see the city to rent a bike from Melbourne Bike Share. They have bike stations all around the city. 

Melbourne Bike Share


Flinders Street Station is the central railway station. The building was built in 1909 is one of the city’s most recognizable landmark. 

Flinders Street Station

Flinder Street Station


I saw this sign inside the station. 

dumb ways to die

Fed Square


Federation Square is home to major cultural attractions, world-class events, tourism experiences and an exceptional array of restaurants, bars and specialty stores, this modern piazza has become the city’s meeting place. source

Federation Square

Federation Square

Paparazzi Dogs

Paparazzi Dogs

Paparazzi Dogs 1

St. Paul's Cathedral - The Anglican Church of Australia

St. Paul’s Cathedral – The Anglican Church of Australia

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries


Hope you this gave you a quick overview of the beautiful city of Melbourne. More pictures to come.



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